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❶I have spent hours on the phone, sent numerous emails, and paid out money from my account, and so far I have absolutely nothing to show for it — other than a shortfall in my account.

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As a goodwill gesture. I have just received an letter back from the Customer Service Manager, regarding damage to my vehicle whilst filling up with fuel at Tesco.

Basically someone had swapped around the nozzles so that the unleaded holder had the super unleaded nozzle and the super unleaded holder had the unleaded. So as a result of this my car has now got a dint in it as a result of the super unleaded nozzle falling on my car.

I was advised by the staff working in the petrol station to report it to customer services, which I did I filled a damage report in store, detailing exactly what happened.

Thank you for helping the staff at our Hewitts Circus, Humberstone by providing your details for a vehicle damage report, on the 20th August. I understand your car was damaged when you were filling up with fuel at our petrol filling station. As the damage happened through no fault through Tesco, but the actions of another customer, we are unable to accept responsibility for the damage caused to your car.

Understandly, this reply will be disappointing. However, you may still be able to claim through your motor insurance. I have a current issue with Tesco Direct, I got the fed up that I sent an email to the CEO on Sunday night giving him a very brief history of my complaint, see below: I received email confirmation of the order. I later received confirmation that the order had been split into two batches and both would be available for collection after 3pm on I was asked to give them another 24hours to issue the refund, Karen would ring me by 2pm today to confirm this had been done or give me an update.

Not surprisingly this did not happen, I found myself back instore for the 8th time, speaking to yet another manager and being told exactly the same thing. I also work for a large organisation so can appreciate that there are processes that have to be followed, however there is a point when logic has to kick in and override procedure when issues like this arise.

I await your response. She told me she would call back and confirm when it had been done. The following message referencing ticket has been written:. I have tried to contact oyu regarding your order placed in September, I have spoken to Tesco Directly and they have confirmed that the order is with them in store and has been since the 29th September Apologies for any inconvenience this delay may have caused Kind Regards.

Please see Tips this post and history with Tesco. I bought some Gaviscon from a Tesco Metro on Sunday got home and took one, after about twenty mins I felt rather sick, I put this down to me not having any food on Sunday morning, later on in the afternoon I then took another Gaviscon and this time was physically sick.

I thought it was rather strange so I checked the packet to see if there was any ingredients within that could possibly cause this. I usually take them and have had no problems in the past.

After checking the packaging i seen that the expiry date was 11 weeks ago. I then emailed your customer service department and got no reply, I then emailed again and got nothing back, I then went onto the online chat and spoke to someone called Lucy and then her manager Mark, He has advised me to go to a Tesco Store to log a complaint.

I had a very important work meal last night that I had to cancel because of the way I felt since Sunday afternoon, I still feel rather sick and will be going to see my doctor to make sure that there is no problems with me taking this 11 weeks out of date medication. You told me i would recieve 6months refund to my account as a goodwill gesture and compensation? Perhaps reading the above blog posts and links within it might help? The chocolate was the last item and she struggled to scan the item.

She called for her supervisor who arrived and told me that she could not sell me the chocolates because they were not on the system. I turned and walked out. I sadly owned Tesco shares until about 2 months ago when I sold them. Have a look at my history with Tesco. Sadly, I now feel the need to make an official complaint about one Tesco woman employee; I complained about her at Tesco here in Scunthorpe, once before, over a year ago and she denied all that she had said and done.

I am sorry to say that I believe this woman to be extremely dishonest. I am willing therefore to both to undergo a lie-detector myself and to pay for the woman that I am complaining about to undergo a lie-detector test.

Her absolute rudeness to say the least has gone on for well over a year now! I am a 72 year old, partially disabled woman, I am also a Born-again Christian, I do a lot for charities. The contact details for Tesco are in the post above.

Also see Tesco history posts and Tips. I went shopping with my daughter this after noon, she had the scanner, and we were chatting, and it transpired, that I put things in the trolley, without scanning, it was a complete accident.

Yes pull the other one…. Bring 75 is not an excuse. Today I had an extremely unpleasant interaction with a Tesco employee. As this means cunt in Tamil. He assumed I would not understand, but since I lived in Malaysia most of my life where there is a significant Tamil population I understood he was calling me a cunt. But I found this incident absolutely horrific. Do you think I have grounds to make a formal complaint? I am so disappointed at the lack of Customer Care being provided by Tesco Giftcards.

After a month and a half, I have neither received the gift cards that I purchased, or a refund for the transaction that was never fulfilled? I have spent hours on the phone, sent numerous emails, and paid out money from my account, and so far I have absolutely nothing to show for it — other than a shortfall in my account.

I have tried to be patient thus far, but they continue to fail to resolve or even communicate with me. See Tips and contact the bank. I am out of breath with tesco too, I purchased fire tablet ,which stopped charging after 2 weeks, anyway I kept it on side shelf to remember to return it.

But life is busy and I forgotten, I came to tesco last night and showed them fault on tablet, they called technical support and they asked staff member to observed it, so they asked,, does the charging port looks like its bent? And I have no idea how it suppose to look like anyway. Anyway I presented my case clearly explained that the observation of laik is irrelevant, and they can not prove that I accidentally damaged my tablet. I wanted to speak to management which I did, same help there, so I asked about a complaint procedures which he stated there are no procedures and I had to complain to third party.

I am absolutely in jeperty and after reading this blog I will never ever use the tesco store or online tesco again, those people are crocks, such an unbelievable! How is this possible I will never understand!

Please see the Tips on how to complain and guide to Consumer Rights Act I have an ongoing complaint with consumer dept and they asked me to pass on my name,address an d e-mail address onto you to pass on to them. I am not Tesco. I am nothing to do with Tesco. This is a consumer advice blog.

The blog post above is the first post I ever wrote on this blog and is a complaint about Tesco. It talks about how I contacted Tesco. More stories about Tesco here. You may also find this page helpful. Top 20 Tips on How to Complain. I have deleted your two other messages regarding this issue. I know this is a pretty old article but I had to get my anger off my chest somehow. Ok so I went to my local Tesco store and I decided I wanted to buy a rather interesting issue of Hammer Magazine Featuring my favourite band which are rarely ever featured.

After refusing to sell it to me they never even bothered to say sorry and that it was the fault of the store. Anyhoo great article and thanks for your help and for sharing your experience. To be honest I know the above rant is nowhere near as bad as a lot of stuff but I just felt so annoyed by it. That is blatant lack of common sense and breakdown in basic administration! Absolutely cracks me up how many people think you are tesco. It takes half a second to realise you are not.

Where are they all coming from?? See bottom of post History with Tesco. Dear sir or madam Am sorry to report the trouble given to me since my store was taken over by a woman six years ago, as you see i shop around for neighbors and people unable to leave their home, but the problem was that store manager was not happy with what i was doing she was just saying back to me no-one does this for nothing, so as you see i was told to calm down on my shopping and just do my own shopping and has she was stood next to my trolley,she said right am taking some goods out of your trolley as you have too much goods for your self, now why she barred me because i complained about another customer with four trolleys of reduced goods, so i went to customer service asked for the manager she came over, has i asked why are you allowing that customer with four trolleys of reduced goods, i was just told to shut up!

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Although Tesco had full editorial control: Tesco contacts for complaints I also keep being asked for contact details for Tesco so here you are: Summary all correspondence available on request!

Evaluation This was a sorry state of customer service. It did breach the law but a full refund is all they legally have to give. Would I have to travel to Dundee or do you have kitchens elsewhere in the UK where such events take place?

A customer panel event in the North of England would be ideal. Perhaps you could let me know when the next one is taking place. Spread the word about this post on Social Media. Previous article Ibuprofen Liquid Capsules: Next article Hudson Hotel, New York: Hot Models, Cold Plates. You might also enjoy Be first to comment Click here to cancel reply. Let DCR know what you think about this post Cancel reply. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

This leaves no one in doubt as to whether you actually delivered good service. First contact resolution is the most important factor when it comes to delivering positive customer experiences to those who reach out for assistance. Connecting your entire business to social media means that the knowledge your staff holds across different departments can be shared socially, and quickly. Customers are reaching out on social networks with specific, detailed queries.

Tesco puts real service agents with complete knowledge on company products, deals and services so that company replies can offer real value straight away. Empowering knowledgeable agents and connecting your support network to the store level allows companies to give intricate and valuable service.

Connecting your entire business internally is the only way to deliver a complete, relevant solution. A conversational tone is key when working with social platforms.

Tesco has mobilised its customer care line as more than just a clinical route for problems. The team combines real, effective support with friendly conversation, encouraging a community to reach out and engage.

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Tesco is known for being at the forefront of new technology and communications; and social media presents no exception. Tesco's social media and customer service teams are industry leaders when it comes to social customer service and engagement. To help Tesco compete in the marketplace, dunnhumby proposed a throwback to 40 years prior, one that would focus on some of the same strategies of the corner grocers of England's past. The two companies decided to work together to create a modern "corner store" by using the individual customer as their focus.