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Democracy in India Essay

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❶The citizens of India enjoy sovereign power to elect their ministers.

Essay about USA democracy its strengths and weaknesses

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Obviously, democracy is not a one-sided game and it needs two or more players in the form of ruling party, the opposition and the electorate. There are surely some charges against democracy made by the supporters of dictatorship.

Firstly, democracy is the large group of incompetent and ignorant people. It is just like a mob rule or the mobocracy. It leads to the despotism of majority and helplessness of minority.

Secondly, it is a corrupt form of government because the majority in power can do anything fair or foul without any check. Thirdly, it involves divided leadership and divided consent of the public. That is why it cannot make speedy decisions during some emergency. Fourthly, it demoralizes the people. Power is misused for the achievement of selfish ends.

Corruption and favoritism become common in society. Fifthly, the supporters of dictatorship believe in the slogan. They argue that dictators like Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin were the leaders of well organized political parties and were liked and loved by millions of people.

They used to believe in the idea. An Introduction to Letter Writing for Beginners. But we all know that dictatorship crushes personal liberty. Ballots are usually replaced by the bullets. The glorification of war is the motto of dictatorship.

Both the world wars were caused by the dictators. But every form of government is good provided that it suits the temperaments, customs and traditions of the people in a particular state and in particular conditions. So, this flight of arguments is a never-ending line, but the majority believes that what democracy can provide, is not available in the dictatorship. Essay on Population Explosion in the World with outlines. The spirit of democracy in our country is deep-rooted and all-pervading.

It has stood the test of time all these years and faced many challenges. Still, there are many challenges before our democracy, namely communalism, separatism, casteism, terrorism, mobocracy, and illiteracy, etc. Therefore, we have to be very vigilant and alert about it.

If we want to make the democratic system successful, we will have to be extremely tolerant people. We must have proper regard for the others point of view because the difference of opinion is one of the essentials of democracy. Notwithstanding the various strains, stresses, threats, and challenges posed by the hostile forces, the foundations of democracy are well-laid and strong.

The fair and free elections, an independent judiciary, enlightened voters, nationalistic political parties and the guaranteed fundamental rights can ensure a bright future for democracy.

Your email address will not be published. To avoid wrath of public opinion government yields to public pressure on important policy questions. Invariably government tends to pursue policies which will go down well with public and avoid taking measures which are necessary but unpopular e. Also governments adopt short term measure which it can show to public during next elections. Also in pluralistic society with weak social and national integration, one group by strength of their numbers always dominates the other.

This was the very reason, why Muslims of sub-continent demanded a separate homeland for themselves. From the above it can be concluded that despite shortcomings, democracy is a better form of government. Uses and Abuses of Leisure Short Essay. Ibn-i-Khaldun Cyclic theory of Social Change. Causes of Delay in Constitution Making of Pakistan. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. None of them was in favor of promoting democracy.

It is evident from the fact that the first general elections were held in the Country as late as This is an non-official educational website for english essays, letters, stories and applications. It also has entry test conceptual mcqs, solved guess papers and general knowledge material for nts, ppsc, mcat, ecat and pms.

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Democracy Democracy has been defined as ‘the Government of the people, by the people, and for the people’. It is the only form of Government in which the will of the people is reflected in the administration. In other forms of Government such as monarchy, oligarchy, etc. all the power is concentrated in the hands.

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Democracy is a system of government in which people choose their leaders by voting. This system is based on the direct approval of the public. This method of government has been popular in the World for centuries. People elect their rulers for a specific term. These rulers are, in fact, public servants. If they serve them well for one term, they can be .

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Democracy is a form of government where sovereignty belongs to the people; the government is representative of and respon­sible to them; the purpose of the state is welfare of the people which includes the development of personalities of the citizens. Words Short Essay on Democracy in India – Democracy, often described as the government “of the people, for the people and by the people”, is globally accepted as the best possible governance. It is a social order aiming at the greatest good of the greatest number. The idea of governing a mass of people [ ].

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Democracy is a universal panacea, the best political system of any and every society. It is a form of government by the elected representatives of the masses. Today, nearly every country across the globe claims to be democratic or is on the way to becoming a democracy. The spirit of democracy in canada country. Democracy in India Essay 2 ( words) Democracy is said to be the best form of government. It allows every citizen of the country to cast vote and choose their leaders irrespective of their caste, colour, creed, religion or gender.