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global warming. reaction paper. :)

Global warming and the human element

❶Others will receive less. For example, africanized "killer bees" have not spread very far north because they cannot take the cold, but it is likely they will be able to migrate further as temperatures increase.

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We are killing future generations of children with our views on climate change
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Reaction Essay on Global Warming

While wildfires are common and natural , they have been more recently attributed to the temperature fluctuations as a result of global warming. The rising population of the Earth is allowing for more people to consume technology such as cars, trains, and buses, whose engines all burn off these fossil fuels.

Even the production of items such as smartphones, computers, tablets, televisions, etc. The higher the population rises, the more people there will be to consume these products, which ultimately leads to a higher rate of pollution. Pollution also transcends class or economic level. Poverty-stricken communities use substances such as coal to heat their homes, or to cook their meals.

If these communities have automobiles available for use, they are often not very environmentally friendly. Besides air pollution, lower-income areas may not have advanced sewage systems, which can lead to a contaminated water supply, which in turn effects the entire ecology of these areas. Likewise, comparatively wealthier communities the United States being a prime example live a lifestyle of consumerism and capitalism, which means the more money we earn as individuals, the more we demand, consume, and ultimately, pollute.

However, humanity has sped up the process of this concept, and if we do not offer clean energy solutions, reconsider our manufacturing methods, and focus more on purifying our carbon foot print, then ultimately, we are still to blame.

Ultius Blog, 18 Mar. Click here for more help with MLA citations. Research Paper on Global Warming. Click here for more help with APA citations.

Click here for more help with CMS citations. Before the start of the millennium, the situation was relatively better than it presently is. Rainfall was pretty predictable, and surface temperature was generally lower than has been witnessed since This observation is sufficient to validate the hypothesis that global warming is bound to continue if the present patterns of human activity do not change in such a manner has to alleviate the problem.

The implication is that human beings are the major cause of global warming. While governments in every nation have imposed environmental safety standards on manufactures and industries, it is regrettable that very few companies strictly observe such legislation.

Apart from industrial activities, human activities such as deforestation generate huge carbon dioxide emissions, particularly in tropical countries. Since evidence strongly indicates human beings are the cause of global warming, the inference is that human beings can slow down global warming and its damaging effects.

This action is of utmost urgency and importance since it determines the viability of future generations. Success in minimizing global warming can only be achieved by involving everyone.

For instance, elected leaders must be put under pressure to pass necessary legislation. At the individual level, proper waste disposal must be practiced. Tips on reaction essay writing: To compose a good reaction essay on any topic, the writer needs to conduct some research on that topic.

For example, if you are not fully aware of the causes and effects of global warming and how it impacts mankind, you would need to read some studies before writing a reaction essay on global warming. Otherwise, how do you know what your thoughts are on the topic? But the global warming that the world is worrying about now started about years ago, at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution around , when man started digging up coal and oil and burning it for industry, transport and to generate electricity.

This fossil fuel burning releases age-old carbon dioxide that had been hidden underground for million years. This extra CO2 is too much for the carbon cycle to deal with so it remains in the atmosphere, getting warmer and warmer as the months go on. How many animals are killed a year by global warming?

We can't tell exactly, or even on average, how many. Animals are killed because of global warming all the time, but it is not something that is exactly measurable unless we were to track every living animal on earth. Global warming screws up migratory patterns, and can cause animals to stop hibernating early they can die. It also destroys habitats think polar bears and snowy terrain and can cause extreme weather because hotter air can hold more moisture, causing droughts and floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, you name it.

In fact, Hurricane Katrina can be directly related to global warming. As with the heat waves in Europe. Also, parasites and invasive species can destroy animals habitats because they can thrive in warmer weather. Mosquitos have recently been found at altitudes in the mountains were they had previously been unable to go to because of the cold. This means malaria and other diseases can spread even easier. Global warming means people and animals are dying daily.

How many years ago was it when there was no global warming? This was the start of theIndustrial Revolution, and the beginning of Global warming. How many polar bears die from Global Warming? It is impossible to know the exact population of polar bears. There are nineteen main groupings of polar bears all around the Arctic Circle.

We have no data for seven of these groups. However, we can examine groups in Canada that have been carefully studied and get an idea from them. The Western Hudson Bay population has been studied for many years. This population of polar bears is one of the furthest south, and so is warmer than others and is being affected by climate change earlier. So patterns we see in Western Hudson Bay are likely to be repeated later with other populations.

Bears in Western Hudson Bay rely on the sea ice for their hunting. They trap seals on the ice and build up their body reserves to last through the summer, when the ice melts. Sea ice is now melting three or four weeks earlier every summer than it did in This means the bears are forced onto land where there is little or no food. They have to rely on their body fat to last through till the end of summer, which is now delayed.

Pregnant females go into birthing dens in November. Cubs are born two months later. Mothers and cubs remain in the dens for three months more during which time the mother does not feed. After they leave the den the cubs need their mother's milk for up to 30 months. In the average weight of a female polar bear here was pounds kilograms. In the average weight was pounds kilograms.

Weak and thin female bears can not have cubs. The Hudson Bay bear population in was about bears. In it is about Polar bears are on the brink of extinction, and we need to do something to help them!

You need to pay attention to this because what happens to the Arctic is an indication of what is going to happen to the rest of the world! How many polar bears were there before global warming? Hunting of polar bears using snowmobiles, icebreakers and aircraft meant that the population was around 10, in the s and s. After hunting was restricted in the numbers of polar bears rose to somewhere between 20, and 25, Example of reaction paper about global warming?

A reaction paper about global warming should include scientificdata, as well as personal reaction and opinions. Additionally, itshould include paragraphs supporting the overall personal reaction. What types of combustion reactions effect the global warming? Lightning, for example, creates what is called Ozone, which is an unstable for of Oxygen the gas we breathe that is known to be dense enough to block some wavelengths of light which started the whole "greenhouse effect" hoax.

There is nothing humans that humans have done, are doing, or will ever do that can cause "global warming" or "climate change". More CO2 is released everyday in nature than we release in an entire year. So really, looking at a liberal approach, everything that emits CO2 whether it being a combustion reaction or not can theoretically cause "global warming".

So technically even your farts are "killing the planet". However there isn't enough CO2 released to actually cause "global warming" we actually have no real proof it is even happening. So really the answer is: Connection between nuclear reaction to global warming? I don't think there is any connection, apart from the fact that the sun's energy comes from nuclear fusion.

How many tigers have died from global warming? Tigers have been victims of habitat loss and poaching, but it isdifficult to know how many have died. The wildlife site BigCatRescue reports the rising sea levels inWest Bengal Sundarbans have raised the salinity of the tigers'drinking water. This habitat loss has forced the tigers to moveinto areas populated by humans, leading to more tiger-man conflict. He is the lead author of a study Sea Level Rise and Tigers: Predicted Impacts to Bangladesh's Sundarbans Mangroves.

These are only projections, however. Tigers in this area havealways drank brackish water, and fresh water when they can obtainit, from rain to lakes built especially for them. How many polar bears die a day from global warming? So in 45 years, the population declined by about 10, individuals. There are 16, days in 45 years, so polar bears have declined by about 0. Filipinos reactions cause by global warming? Filipinos had experienced the bad effect of global warming due to the recent flood they experienced that killed thousands of people.

I think they are doing their best now to make a remedy out of the environmental depletion are world is experiencing these days.

What did many nation agree to do to help slow global warming? Many nations agreed to declare carbon dioxide a polluntant and more a menace than water vapor as a greenhouse gas with virtually no evidence to back up the assertion. Who what when where and why about global warming? Over seven billion 7,,, human beings. The CO2 humans exhale has nothing to do with rising carbon dioxide levels.

Instead, human activities of digging up and burning fossil fuels like coal and oil, burning down tropical rain forests for cattle ranching, and making concrete release over 30 billion tons of sequestered CO2 per year.

That pretty much answers all five questions. How do we get global warming? Global Warming started when humans built machines and discoveredpetrol. All of the fumes went into the air causing Global Warming;like a greenhouse. About years ago at the start of the Industrial Revolution man started burning coal and oil torun factories and vehicles. Then we started burning coal inelectricity power stations.

Carbon dioxide had been stored in allthese fossil fuels for millions of years. Now this extra carbonwas suddenly released into the atmosphere where it turned thenormal carbon cycle upside down. The greenhouse effect, which hadbeen keeping the planet comfortably warm, suddenly turned into the enhanced greenhouse effect , warming up the planet much morequickly.

This is causing global warming. Global warming is caused because of humansburning things such as coal or oil which releases greenhouse gassessuch as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, thickening it andtrapping the sun's heat on Earth, thus causing a global warming. Wealso cut down all the forests so they can't suck the carbon out ofthe air.

Principally increased carbon emissions fromburning fossil fuel, and deforestation for agricultural land. How many times did Earth experience periods of global warming? Why do so many governments do nothing against global warming? Most governments are doing something. They may not be doing as muchas is necessary, but they have begun. Regular climate talks letcountries set reductions in greenhouse gas levels that they thenhave to try and achieve.

What you can do for global warming? The best thing you can do for global warming is to focus on reducing your energy consumption, because the real issue facing the planet is our dwindling global energy resources. The science indicates that global warming is a natural phenomenon and as such there is little humans can do to stop it, or the global cooling cycle which will follow.

How many scientists don't believe global warming is happening? How many degrees C has Global Warming increased the world? According to the World Meterological Association, equals the record for world's warmest year, and over the ten years from to , global temperatures have averaged 0.

This is the highest ever recorded for a year period since the beginning of instrumental climate records. How many people are buying global warming now? Basically everyone with any knowledge now admits not only that there is serious global warming, but that it is mostly man made, and increasing. The only few who don't are being paid off.

Even President Bush admitted there was no longer any question at all. This does not answer the question. We want to know the percentage of people who are still buying global warming now. We know that it is not everyone.

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AdvancedWriters offers you free sample reaction essay about Global Warming. We hope this reaction paper example on Global Warming topic will help you. Additionally you will find some writing tips. Global warming is one of the most serious hazard that we our facing today. The alarming signs were seen, even here in our country. Drought happens during rainy season while typhoons come upon summer months. The abnormal rainfall causes the rise of sea water level and more areas experience flooding. These are only some of [ ].