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Sample Essay on an Overview of North Korea

North Korea: A historical overview

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Internal politics and social structure of North Korea

Western powers are highly concerned about North Korea's nuclear ambitions both because of the general international objective of non-proliferation and the specific perception that North Korea would seem to be a fairly unstable nation which could not be trusted to manage nuclear technology in a responsible fashion.

North Korea, however, does also have some allies in the world. Perhaps the most important one would be China. Xu and Bajoria have discussed this relationship and pointed out that although the alliance between the two nations can be traced all the way back to the Korean War, China shows at least some signs of discomfort about continuing a close relationship with North Korea. This is because China is clearly emerging as a dominant and competently governed global power in the contemporary world, whereas North Korea has displayed a tendency to engage in what could only be called erratic behavior that does not seem to be in congruence with a broader long-range strategic plan for the nation as a whole.

This is not to say that China is likely to completely dissociate itself from North Korea anytime soon. However, there would seem to be evidence that even China recognizes that the North Korea's governmental structures as a nation may be something less than ideal.

In summary, this essay has sought to develop a general overview of North Korea. The main points included a historical overview and then proceeded to a consideration of internal politics and international relations. The picture that has emerged would seem to cast North Korea in a somewhat negative light.

However, this is not so much due to bias as to the fact that even basic objective information about the nation would seem to inevitably point toward such a conclusion. Broadly speaking, North Korea's dynastic governance system is archaic; and there is even reason to believe that the cult of personality has led to leaders becoming increasingly less competent in the actual art of governance over the generations.

This assessment is supported by the fact that even strong allies such as China would seem to recognize that there is something at least a little "off" with how North Korea tends to conduct itself. Nevertheless, it is clear from the present discussion that the historical division of the world into two major spheres of influence is by no means entirely a thing of the past.

For example, the United States implicit antagonism toward the nations of China, Russia, and North Korea, as well as the fact that these latter nations still remain connected with each other through a network of alliance, are nothing other than echoes of the international world order that emerged in the aftermath of World War II, when North Korea was first created as a nation. Although there was no meaningful difference between the cultures of North Korea and South Korea at that time, it is quite clear that the two nations have developed radically different cultures over the course the past several decades.

In order to understand the role of North Korea in the world today, then, it would probably be necessary to consider it in light of its historic role during the Cold War as a member of the Communist bloc. While this distinction is not as important as it once was, it clearly still continues to exert an influence on international relations today. AE Television Networks, UN Condemns Crimes against Humanity. Office of the Historian. Department of State, n.

Xu, Beina, and Jayshree Bajoria. Ultius Blog, 23 Jan. Click here for more help with MLA citations. Sample Essay on an Overview of North Korea. Firstly is Jeju Island. It is a most popular tourist attraction for Koreans and many international visitors. This island remains one of the top honeymoon destinations for Koreans newlyweds.

Lots of activities that we can do when arrive there such as hiking on talla-san South Korea highest peak , catching sunset and sunrise over the ocean, viewing waterfalls and lava tubes, Jeju love land or just lying around on the sandy beaches. This wide and beautiful city consists of a wonderful modern and ancient architecture building which make this city a worth to visit.

Seoul is also hometown to endless street food like tteokbokki and vast night life districts, and extraordinary high-pressure educational system and a dynamic trend-setting your culture. There have a lot of major modern landmarks in Seoul include the Korea Finance Building, Namsan Tower and the seven skyscraper residence Tower palace. The third place is Heieundae beach in Busan, South Korea. This place state in southeast of South Korea. It have many interest facts about Busan such as their unique Korean dialect that different from Seoul dialect and beautiful beach; ocean view.

Hoeundae beach is the well worth visiting in the summer as well as the winter. However, the family based on blood relatives has changed over time.

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