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GCSE ICT - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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❶The field of worldwide telecommunications is becoming increasingly more intricate, and ict gcse coursework may reflect increased mobile phone usage.

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Introduction to GCSE Design and Technology' - daphne-mcdonald

Can someone who actually teaches this please tell me whether this means that students should design the layout for a website eg. I don't teach the AQA gcse spec but I would expect that students will both design and create the website.

Do you know what software you will be using? I have some Dreamweaver tutorials I am happy to share if you need them. It is paid for but hardly bank breaking here come the trolls I don't know what software we'll be using, as I don't think we currently have anything suitable, but that's why I wanted to check the actual requirements. Can anyone tell me whether freely downloadable software like serif's starter edition would be sufficient for this level? Hi - I would expect a plan to be produced with design notes and a PowerPoint presentation with links to show how the pages all connect, how they will look etc.

I also think that Adobe Dreamweaver should be bought in as this is industry standard and the best tool for the job out there. Where is your evidence that this is in any way 'industry standard'? What you probably mean is that it is something you can teach and feel comfortable teaching to KS4 students at a basic level. You are embarrassing yourself with your lack of knowledge and skill in this area.

I bet you that each individual 12 year old student in one of the classes I taught in Singapore last year can all have a fantastic website designed, built, uploaded, tested and running that is ten times better than anything you or your students can produce in just 4 hours using Joomla or WordPress, and for the best students, that includes customising the template with CSS and modifying the core code in one or two places as necessary to make it do what the students want it to do.

The first block of work that our students were taught was to set-up a database, user and connect the two, and then to install various content management systems and evaluate them. Once setting up a new CMS install had been mastered, they then installed Joomla with accordian menus, added categories and articles followed by extensions such as back-up, online shops, membership systems, blogs, social websites, photo extensions and online content portals and started using them live.

Some would even set up facilities to allow reporters, editors and publishers to contribute articles to their website via the front end, and other custom made user groups, and thereby keeping their website constantly moving and changing.

They were then given a completely new business scenario and had four hours from start to finish with a break if they wanted it to produce the website for the business using only online resources. These were then evaluated by business designers in the afternoon and prizes given for various categories. Although things have started to move towards computing, the same poor level of ICT teaching was in evidence.

KS3 was still at such a low level and the coursework for the GCSE was still monotonous, and more of an exercise in getting the job done rather than learning anything. It is shocking to see teachers who still think that handing out endless little leaflets with guides on how to do every single step in their coursework is actually a worthwhile learning experience for their students, and shocking to see Heads of Department allowing this to happen, showing no leadership, unable to drive up the standards of teaching to something that actually includes learning how to learn!

What a waste of students' time in ICT in what should be the most important years of their lives. Help Preferences Sign up Log in. To view this presentation, you'll need to enable Flash. Show me how After you enable Flash, refresh this webpage and the presentation should play.

View by Category Toggle navigation. Products Sold on our sister site CrystalGraphics. Don't worry if you can't Setting Default values 3. Setting up Queries 4.

Producing Screen Forms 6. In this example the default value for the released has been set to This query will display what it finds in surname order More useful is this parameter query - produces message Type in date and then allows user to enter the value parameter used in the search. Think about Which fields need to be displayed. The order in which the data is best presented. Then use Design view to change colours and add text. You can have a form for each table or use one form to enter and view data from a number of tables.

Use the Combo box tool to allow you look up data on other tables Health warning! Dont worry if you cant get it to work. Menu for video shop database. Copy out and complete the following table to explain the structure of the database you are going to set up.

Very simple databases use just one table, but most situations need more if the database is going to work efficiently. Consider adding short notes about each artist to a music database The problem with simply adding an extra field is that you would have to type in the notes for every recording by each artist.

There is a relationship between the two tables - they share a common field - ArtistID. Databases built around two or more linked tables like this are called Relational Databases. Consider a database in a video shop used to record which member has which video. A simple single table solution would be Why is this database not very efficient? What has to be done each time a member takes out a video? There is a relationship between the two tables - they share a common field i.

A separate table is needed for each entity. As for most other things, there is not just one correct way of designing a database system. But, some designs are clearly better than others The main advantage of this method is that details of previous loans are not deleted when videos are returned. Create new tables for the other entities needed in your database e.

Add around 10 records for each of these new tables. Set up reports to produce printouts of important information.

Set up screen forms to produce a suitable user interface. Before trying to do this Freeman's Dental Surgery, Bexhill. Who will use the database system?

Mostly the office manager, but also the four dental nurses and four dentists. What will they use the database system for? Storing patient details, recording appointments, printing daily patient lists for each dentist, sending reminders to patients that need a check up. You should aim to carry out at least four such useful searches. Give each query a useful name. Print out a screen snapshot showing your parameter messages.

Print out the results of each query. Check that results are what you expected i. Fully annotate each query and show that you have tested it by recording the number of expected matches. These can be based on your queries e. Coursework , controlled assessment and non-exam assessment Coursework and controlled assessment components assess candidates x27; skills, knowledge and understanding that aren x27;t easily assessed by timed written papers.

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GCSE Excel Project ICT The user wants the order, which has been completed by the customer, to be printed out (in a hard copy format). This would enable the user to build the computer using the specifics from the printout and therefore would not need to check the backup archive.

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Ict gcse powerpoint coursework Term paper, I don't think you are doing the same controlled assessment I took (Mine was on animal shelters) but ill still try to help. My teacher gave us this powerpoint Jun 12, .

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While the Coursework Writing service deals with many students from around the world, students in the United Kingdom often have to work through a number of international issues in this field. The field of worldwide telecommunications is becoming increasingly more intricate, and ict gcse coursework may reflect increased mobile phone usage. PPT – GCSE ICT PowerPoint Presentation – ID PowerPoint Slideshow about x27;GCSE ICT x27; – terrica Hickley Travel – Ict. ART EXAM PREPARATION GUIDANCE -A checklist for students of gcse amp;amp; a level. 1 of 5 ICT GCSE –. uk Harrodian School ICT GCSE page.