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Messy Room by Shel Silverstein

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My Room; Descriptive Essay

Messy Room
Analysis of Silverstein’s ‘”Messy Room”

A bright white baseball with dark red strings sat inside an old, worn, black and brown glove. Black and white baseball cleats with shiny silver spikes lay next to the door. The bottoms on them were caked with light brown mud and pieces of deep green grass. A garbage can stood next to the baseball glove and skateboard. The black mesh garbage can was no bigger than two feet tall. The see through, brown Kroger bag in the can was ripped in small areas, no bigger than the size of peas.

Old, torn tissues were shoved down into the bag, making the can look like it consisted of all blue and white. There were microwavable macaroni and cheese containers with a light film of the bright, yellow liquid cheese, overflowing from the top of the bag.

Old dishes lay in various places. Bowls covered with crusty, dried food, cups with green, fuzzy mold growing on the inside of them. Plates with dried up bread crumbs on them that looked like a little army of ants. There was a knife laid across the plate with light brown peanut butter caked onto it still. White napkins with flower designs on them were crumpled and smeared with the peanut butter from being used to wipe their mouths.

After seeing what the room looked like I was in complete shock that anyone could manage to live in such a messy condition and not think twice about it.

Essay 1 Original Draft. Narrative Essay Original Draft. Assignment Prompt Essay 1 Original Draft. Essay 1 For this assignment, I was asked to write a descriptive essay. Together, these allied annoyances form a very messy situation. Upon first walking into the room, one easily recognizes the vast amount of clean and dirty jeans, athletic shorts, cotton t-shirts and mix-matched socks covering couch to the left, the bed on the right, and assaulting the floor without any type of organization.

The battlefield of fabric gives the impression that a volatile object erupted in the center of my room, propelling recently washed and worn clothes in every direction. Despite the severity of this specific condition, other issues form a presence in the situation. Garbage, which also declared war on the cleanliness of my room, seems to have invaded every square meter of this sector.

Empty water bottles drum while being kicked aside and serve as blockades to my path. Scattered coins, numerous enough to resemble a field of mines, somehow work their way into the trenches of the couch. The quantities of intolerable scents in my room serve as a need for some form of protective gas mask. Even with the smell of lemon aerosol sprays, leftover dishes odor dominates the air with emanating smells such as old bar-b-que chicken, cinnamon oatmeal, and plagued milk due to age.

Although I must admit, I am unusually glad that I do not wear glasses, because shiny silverware and compact-discs refract brightly colored lights from every angle.

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My Messy Room I am currently sitting in my bedroom, on a cold winter day. My feet touching the rough surface of my ancient Persian carpet, walls of orangey orange stare at me through the pictures on them, and the mountains of dirty clothes falling over me as if there was an avalanche going on. Essays My Messy Room. I want to tell you about my room, when it's at it's worse state. Usually my room is very clean and neat because of my always-be-clean.

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Below is an essay on "Messy Room" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Whosever room this is should be ashamed! His underwear is hanging on the lamp. Description of My Room Essay Words | 3 Pages. comfortable, and show my personality, is my bedroom. This is the place where I can really be myself and do what I want; it’s the place I come home to, and wake up every day.