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❶A Critique and an Alternative Approach. Given that climate change is caused by burning fossil fuels, this is an important factor.

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Essays on Desertification

I see sustainability as an interdisciplinary science. Transdisciplinary goes beyond interdisciplinary, where researchers work outside their own specialty to tackle holistic problems. Sustainability certainly qualifies as holistic but it is a massive issue that affects all life on earth, so it is not something that a scientist, politician or any other…… [Read More].

Human Condition hat Caught My Attention Hannah Arendt is a German philosopher who has refused to call herself a philosopher, but her work has been praised as being influential and brilliant though controversial in its originality and in its bold departure from what other philosophers have written about the human condition.

Labor -- a rather radical position by Arendt In The Human Condition Arendt describes work and labor as two vitally different things. The laborer of today is similar to the slaves of ancient Greece, she explains. In fact those individuals whose whole lives totally revolve around labor perhaps an example would be the farm laborers who toil in…… [Read More].

Geology Evolution and the Earth. The second implies that these principles occur and are applicable everywhere in the Universe. With this in mind, if occasional catastrophic events such as the ones described have occurred in the past on Earth, they could occur again, in a similar manner, today or in the future. So, if the dinosaurs became extinct following a meteorite impact, another such impact could hit the Earth in a similar manner, leading to another large scale extinction.

Geologic processes include diverse ways in which the Earth's surface is modeled. These include soil erosion or desertification. If an area has been significantly eroded, this could lead to devastating floods. At the same time, other geologic processes can lead to tsunamis. As a consequence, it is obvious…… [Read More]. Climate leads to increased intensity and frequency of extreme storms, flooding and other unpredictable weather conditions.

The result is the destruction of tourist facilities like residential areas and the attractive scenery become inaccessible. In some cases, weather adversities lead to increased evaporation and reduced precipitation in various regions. This causes the shortage of water resources in various tourist facilities and other sectors, desertification and increased wildfires.

This threatens the infrastructure and affects demand in this sector. Why climate change is a greater security threat than terrorism? Unfavorable climatic conditions such as extreme heat and continuous rainfall cause drastic implications to tourism as compared to…… [Read More].

Environmental Politics There are several reasons why countries find it difficult to reach an agreement on climate change. These are the ecopolitics of oil, the ecopolitics of the atmosphere, the ecopolitics of land and water, and the fact that national leaders tend not to make choice that will be perceived as harming their countries, a point related to the sort of individual selfishness that leads to the tragedy of the commons.

The ecopolitics of oil are a critical factor. Many of the world's major nations depend on oil either for their economic strength as the result of production, or consumption. Given that climate change is caused by burning fossil fuels, this is an important factor.

The same economic growth that gives comfort to our lives was created when we began using motors to do work. Thus, we need fossil fuels for our lifestyles and are relatively incapable of living well…… [Read More]. Environmental Challenges Global Warming -. Website of the European Commission, Educational institutions have also taken an interest in the matter. Stanford University for instance has been engaged in promoting responsible behavior of the consumers.

They have also conducted studies to reveal the impact of global warming and the performances achieved in reducing its negative effects. They have also promoted the sources of alternative energy Stanford University, The governments in several American states have also formed alliances to fight off the malign effects of global warming.

Cogito Ergo Sum Descartes' Famous. Improvement" is not necessarily implied, because humans do not currently possess an understanding of the environment sufficient to ensure that "improvements" do not become counterproductive; however, attempts to correct human damage is at times appropriate, when the scenario is simple enough.

The necessity of accepting this precedent transcends the mere logical. In truth, it is the only precedent that can be accepted, because for all that humans revel in their marvelous gray lumps of forebrain, the bulk of their processing still takes place in a far more animal portion of their mind. The majority of listeners will applaud the lofty sentiment, and then dismiss it as implausible -- implausible, in this instance, defined as "undesirable" -- and the remaining minority will not be the bourgeoisie, who have already acceded that the lofty…… [Read More].

Home Topics Environment Desertification Essays. References Chasek, Downie, Brown. Developing Countries in Desertification Negotiations. Confronting the Coral Reef Crisis. Recovery from Blast Fishing on Coral Reefs: A Tale of Two Scales. References National Geographic Retrieved July 29, from http: A new Technique to Halt Desert Encroachment: Resources Act WRA of This act "establishes the duties of the Environment Agency EA on flood defence and other areas relating to water management and quality.

This means that the EA is not obliged to construct or maintain such works. In practice, the EA will only proceed with schemes that are not only beneficial but cost-effective. Works Cited Toit, D. Global Vision, Sustainable City, available at: Water management and wetlands in sub-Saharan Africa. Privatization and alternative public sector reform in sub-Saharan Africa: Delivering on electricity and water. The costs of land degradation in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Online journal Burns Steven. Natural resources and environment. Such efforts, furthermore, help alleviate the mess of storm runoff. Asphalt covered roads, sidewalks and parking lots repel storm water, leading it down storm drains and into creaks instead of into soil -- big flushes of storm water in water treatment systems can force raw sewage into the ocean. Overloaded streams can lead to flooding which damages salmon habitats.

Water catchment tanks may be key to a new, sustainable way of life for families. The California drought is anticipated to be the worst in modern times.

Already thousands of acres of crops are fallow, with no sign of slowing. According to the Los Angeles Times, the state is nearly out of water, leaving it with prayers of rain and a dwindling Northern California supply.

Los Angeles has already begun allocation of water. Thill Cultures across time and space saw their relationships with nature in a myriad of ways, many of which succeeding so much in their niche as to improve the environments they inhabited. What follows, is a quick look at how other cultures have interacted with nature. There are many examples from South America of indigenous living harmoniously off their landbase.

The Kayapo, for example, subsist primarily on the produce of their gardens and managed forests. Their societies, despite their subsistence methods, were discovered to be large and complex and their ceremonies plentiful and rich. One Kayapo family, it was found, in its fifty-year lifetime, may clear just ten hectares of forest. A Kayapo swidden, furthermore, will remain fecund throughout its fallow, and once the land does finally return to canopy forest it will have been enriched by the process.

Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization. ICT and ensuring environmental sustainability. The meaning of "offenses against the law of nations. Is the bluefin tuna an endangered species? Retrieved November 11, from http: Convention on Migratory Species. Cases in advertising and marketing management: Works Cited Buell, Frederick. From Apocalypse to Way of Life: Water Wars in the Middle East: A Looming Threat is based on extensive research of the previous works on water issues in the Middle East.

It debates on issues such as causes for conflicts and the characteristics of the water shortage in Palestine and Israel. Dale was a minister-counselor in Tel-Aviv, Israel during , when he got the opportunity to first hand analyze the problems of the Middle East.

His findings are formulated in a clear and unbiased way and his American nationality helped look at the isses with an objective eye. References Rural poverty in Rwanda. Retrieved on January 10, at http: Encyclopedia Encarta Rwanda has a population density of persons per sq km. Works Cited Mastny, Lisa.

Pitois, Sophie, Michael H. Jackson, and Brian J. A Strategy for Small Island Nations. Glass, and Howard Hu. Policy and Global Affairs. Online Pre-publication Release available at http: Law, Policy and China's Environmental Crisis. Online available at http: Retrieved 4 September , at http: Retrieved 4 September , from.

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In The Land Of Poz. Your research paper is written by certified writers Your requirements and targets are always met You are able to control the progress of your writing assigment You get a chance to become an excellent student! What exactly is a land owner entitled to? Everyone has their own perspective on what they can, and should be doing with their land The ultimate precarious social conditions thus developed generally lead to migrations, exacerbating urban sprawl, and may bring about internal and cross-boundary social, ethnic, and political strife.

Approaches to the desertification problem broadly fall into two competing perspectives: Whereas the former discourse rests on neoliberal values and Malthusian thinking, the latter has its philosophical roots in the self-reliant advocacy derived from the dependency schools of the s and s. The GEM discourse depicts overpopulation in drylands as the main problem leading to the degradation of the ecosystems on which they depend.

As seen in the GEM discourse, the global problem of desertification requires a global solution. Therefore, GEM supporters promote top-down, interventionist and technocentrist solutions implemented through international institutions and conventions, such as the UN Convention to Combat Desertification. On the contrary, the populist discourse—populist in the sense that it positively portrays the acts of local people—emphasizes that the marginalization of smallholders and pastoralists started during the colonial period and was subsequently deepened by global capitalism, transnational corporations, and northern consumers as the principal causes of land overexploitation and degradation.

International assistance in the form of debt per nature exchanges or technological transferences is regarded as part of the problem itself. Rather, the populist discourse focuses on local or traditional knowledge and community-based action as major sources to overcome environmental problems.

However, despite its diametrically opposed explanations of the desertification problem, neither discourse denies an impending crisis caused by desertification. Why, almost a century after its first detection, does desertification continue to be among the most important environmental problems faced by humankind?

Though no single answer exists, there are some arguments to sketch an answer. Undoubtedly the inherent complexity of the desertification phenomenon hampers almost every phase of the sequence leading to the mitigation or control of an environmental problem i.

These advances show that vegetation dynamics in drylands may remain seemingly unaffected by an increase in land use pressure until there is a sudden shift to a lower-productivity stable state, with stochastic climate events, such as severe droughts, acting as triggers. Additionally, incomplete or inadequate scientific knowledge, together with the urgent need of integrative solutions for the Sahelian drama, may have driven actors to resort to the first workable options, leading to erroneous regulations at that time.

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Desertification is the expansion of desert lands into previously non-desert areas. The process occurs due to both natural and human causes.. Deserts occur anywhere where there is less than 10 inches of rainfall each year/5(2).

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- Essay: What is desertification, where is it found, and what are the causes. Desertification is the process by which land dries up eventually over time and the land turning to desert. This is common in Africa where most of the terrain is a desert. The Desertification is one of the most popular assignments among students' documents. If you are stuck with writing or missing ideas, scroll down and find inspiration in the best samples. Desertification is quite a rare and popular topic for writing an essay, but it certainly is in our database.

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Desertification is the process by which fertile land becomes desert, typically as a result of drought, deforestation, or inappropriate agriculture. One major setback that leads to desertification is overgrazing. Desertification Essay Of all the global environmental problems, desertification is, perhaps, the most threatening for poor rural people. The most accepted definition of desertification states that it is land degradation in arid, semiarid, and dry subhumid areas (hereafter called “drylands”) resulting from various factors, including climatic variations and .