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Gay Marriage and Homosexuality

“Liberty and justice for all?”

❶Marriage is traditionally a heterosexual institution. This does not any way impinge on the beliefs and rights of those who do not accept same-sex unions.

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Legalizing Gay Marriage Research paper for Eng. 1B Critical Thinking.

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The history of same marriage battles of the XXth century is a succession of the heated debates pro and con the issue, with both minor and serious victories from either side. According to Glenn Timeline, the first case of same-sex couples seeking marriage licenses and other rights was on May 18, , when Jack Baker, a student at University of Minnesota, unsuccessfully applies for a marriage license with his lover Jim McConnell.

They do, however, manage to file joint tax returns in and The same source states that on October 10th, the first large public same-sex wedding took place. The ceremony is part of the March on Washington activities dramatizing the tax benefits for married people that lesbian and gay couples are denied. The impact of other countries on the recognition of the same-sex marriage was also quite impressive, with several countries accepting such relationships as normal.

For example, Holland was the first country to expand its definition of marriage to include both opposite-sex and same-sex couples in April Belgium followed it in January Next was Ontario, a province in Canada in June When federal law C was signed into law on the 20th of July , same-sex marriage theoretically became available across all of Canada.

However, Prince Edward Island ignored the civil rights of same-sex couples and refused to issue marriage licenses to them for almost a month. Spain passed a law allowing same-sex couples to marry on the 29th of June Most people realize same-sex marriage is a reality, but it is quite difficult to recognize whether it is natural. This belief, however, has been widely promoted by homosexual activists and does not have the scientific backing that supporters argue. There is neither support pro nor con the fact that gays are born, and the sexual orientation is not a result of some psychological or pathological influence.

The background of this distinction is too obscure, and that is what scares most people of heterosexual orientation.

People are scared their children may fall victims of such psychological influence and, as a result, the whole society would suffer the non-traditional relationships that, in fact, are unable to produce descendants. Procreation is, actually, one of the most significant reasons while most people consider same-sex relationships to be unnatural. The question, too, is mixed and influenced by two ideas: It is commonly known that the key argument in support of same-sex marriage is that laws banning same-sex marriage are highly analogous to laws prohibiting interracial marriage; a ban on same-sex marriage can, therefore, be seen as a form of discrimination infringing upon the civil rights of same-sex couples.

Politics is probably not the most persuasive and valuable example, but all the point should still be presented. The president of the US, although he is not very popular, called for a ban of the same sex marriages in The Defense of Marriage Act, signed by President Clinton, prevents federal recognition of same-sex marriage and allows states to ignore same-sex licenses from outside their borders.

The debate over marriage has continued. There was another issue of the heated discussion that took place recently: Res 40 which would have led to an eventual vote on the amendment.

The effort failed, however, because 60 votes were needed to bring the bill to a vote. Forty-eight Senators voted in favor and 50 opposed. A two-thirds majority is required to pass an amendment. The MPA received a simple majority with a vote of to It did not pass in either. Two years after the Supreme Court decision that required states to recognize same-sex marriages nationwide, support for allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally is at its highest point in over 20 years of Pew Research Center polling on the issue.

About Pew Research Center Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world. It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research. Pew Research Center does not take policy positions. It is a subsidiary of The Pew Charitable Trusts. Religion September 28, Pew Research Center April 10,

Where the Public Stands on Religious Liberty vs. Nondiscrimination

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Legalizing same-sex marriage will create equality. Lauren Altergott. Ms. Woolley. The Injustice Involving Same-sex Marriage. In early times, same-sex marriage was not .

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For my research paper, I challenged myself to write it about why same-sex marriage should not be legalized. After three days of research, I regret to inform you that, with the information I found, there is no logical reason whatsoever that same-sex couples should not be able to get married/5(2).

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Points Research 3 Task B: The Annotated Bibliography 4 Putting the Pieces Together 11 The Overview 11 The Facts 11 The Final Conclusion 12 The Same-Sex Marriage Introduction and Background A marriage amongst two individuals of the same sex individuality and/or same genetic sex is known as gay marriage or same-sex marriage. The most fundamental issue when addressing same-sex marriage is the definition of marriage itself. A universally accepted definition has yet to be established because marriage is a delicate entanglement of personal intimacy and public declaration.4/5(12).

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May 21,  · Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage Thesis. The question regarding legalization of same-sex marriages relates to fundamental change of law not just nationally, but also internationally. Legalizing gay marriages is an important step towards the enforcement of the constitutional guarantee of equality of all before the law and equal protection of the law. marriage and in supporting the movement for same-sex marriage, but the institution of marriage would have undergone these changes regardless of any push for the acceptance of same-sex marriage. This paper will contend that acceptance of same-sex marriage will require changes in public attitudes.