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Middle School Helpful Homework Hints

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❶Each player gets 5 cards and asks other players for cards.

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It uses the very same judgment to everyone. Each player takes a card and writes the value on a piece of paper. Every player takes a 2 nd card and adds it to the first card. Play continues until one player reaches a predetermined total. Start with a predetermined score. Draw cards and subtract until you reach 0. Add to find the sum. Set a timer and see how many facts you can complete in a minute.

Roll the dice again to find a new sum. Add the 2 nd sum to the first. Continue until you get to a predetermined target number. Roll again to make a 2 nd 2-digit number.

Add the two together. Subtract the smaller number. Add the two that are the same. Then subtract the number rolled on the different colored die. The answer is your score.

Keep playing and your scores at the end of each round accumulate. Play for a set amount of time. The winner has the largest total when the time is up. OR, play to a predetermined target number.

Aliens- Addition and Subtraction app. Writing Spelling Words is a traditional way to help kids remember them. Varying this technique using novelty items may help it become more engaging and effective.

This also cleans your tile! Have the students use their finger to write each word. This is excellent for your tactile learners. Calling out the words is another way parents and students traditionally practice spelling words. You can vary this routine by trying some of the following: This is excellent for your kinesthetic learners. Glue to a piece of paper to make a list.

You need two players! Divide your class into 2 teams. One will be "x" one will be "o". Call the 1st person from each team to the board. They each pick a square, it can be the same square. If they get it right they get to make their mark, "x" or "o". If they don't get the word right they don't make a mark. If they both chose the same square and get the word right, they cancel each other out and the square stays empty.

When a team gets 3 in a row like regular tic-tac-toe they win. Make a sheet that has two grids with letters on the top and numbers on the side. The students write five of their spelling words in the boxes of the top grid. They play in pairs calling out different boxes like C6 or D2. They are trying to find the words. It is just like battleship only with spelling words.

My students really enjoy playing the game and it helps reinforce the spelling words for them. If you miss a basket, you get a letter to spell a word.

Or you can reverse it. For every basket you make, you earn a letter to spell a word! Time yourself and see how quickly you can spell each word! After the crowd guesses it, spell it!

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Middle School Helpful Homework Hints Information and guidance for parents. Many of the most frequently asked questions by middle school parents have to do with "How can I help my child with studying and homework?".

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Ten Helpful Homework Hints! 1. Find a designated place for your child to complete their homework.! The best place to get quality work completed is somewhere where there. help with my essay writing Helpful Homework Hints For Parents college level essay health essay writing/10().

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