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Othello Coursework

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❶Romeo and Juliet coursework typically includes assignments such as brief written responses to content-related questions, stylistic analyses of the language used in the play, character interpretations of specific figures in the play, and essays on a variety of topics.

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writing a goof Othello coursework

The next step is to develop a detailed plan. While working from the play you are expected to write down line numbers that can be used as quotes.

Make sure you have all the necessary resources at your disposal so that you can easily proceed to writing. What you should do next is to make notes of the content you are going to write about attaching particular attention to the important points you are making.

Start by stating what you are going to say in your paper. This should be followed by presenting evidence to back up your point. Add quotations from the text or some other sources and explain in what way these quotes are related to the point you are making. Othello was so jealous that his passion and love made him blind. He could not see the truth; he was ruled by his emotions.

Why was he so weak? Even in spite of being a military leader, really smart person, he was so weak. Why could not he think logically? So, you should give answers to these questions in your Othello coursework. Try to study the situation and analyze the actions of the main characters. You can do it only if you read the play and use your imagination with our hints on writing. Mail will not be published required. Follow 2 I have just been through Othello recently so ill see what i can come up with: This shows us the ways in which she is abused verbally by the men of her society.

We learn that her mother is dead and so she is used to being the head female of the house. She has the courage and loyalty to her husband to stand in front of a court full of high-ranking males and is not intimidated. This shows us that she is not the passive being she may have seemed when we heard about Othello wooing her. She does not realise the position she is putting herself in. She is SO innocent and SO good that she does not even think of the implications of her plight. The contrast between her character and the scheming deceptive men she is surrounded by is what causes Othello to misunderstand her pleas and become mistrustful of her.

This stupidity makes Desdemona a victim of a male dominated society am not implying here that all men are stupid.. Before she goes to bed on the night of her death she sings the willow song, suggesting she is aware of her imminent death, showing she did have the chance to get away. Instead she lies passive and lets it happen. I hope this starts you off I couldnt actually find my copy of Othello, which I know has loads of stuff highlighted in pink for Desdemona and the portrayl of the female character..

When has the essay got to be done by? Follow 3 I have to give in the first draft by Friday. Follow 4 You could look at who the victims are and to what extent, to give yourself an opinion of how far you see Desdemona as one in relation to the other characters.

You could do a similar thing for who's responsible for the events. The key characters to look at are: Othello a bigger victim? Iago the puppet master? Cassio was it he instead of Desdemona who caused the events? Emilia she was a victim of Iago.

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Othello coursework Throughout the course of the play “Othello”, Iago is portrayed as the typical sinister villain with no motives for his evil plans, but he also brings many comical aspects to the production.

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Othello Coursework Help. W hen a student is required to study Othello, he/she will also have to work on Othello coursework that's associated with his/her studies. Othello is a popular British play that is widely studied in high school and undergraduate programs. If you cannot start writing your Othello courseworks because of some difficulties, you definitely need some help. We will try to present you general ideas you can use to make a good piece of work. Othello coursework should be interesting and catchy, and it .

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The following given guidelines will help you to write an excellent coursework on Othello. Guidelines To Write Othello Coursework. There are some guidelines explaining how and what to focus on writing Othello coursework. For example you select to write your coursework on Act 3 scene 3 of ‘Othello. You can focus the following aspects of the . Othello Coursework Expert Help with Othello Coursework The best way to write Othello coursework is to start with some kind of a play writing that involves plot situations and provides them with modern twirl.