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Modern geography

❶We have everything that you generally look for in any geography assignment help service provider. Country fact files and migration case studies help make sense of population distribution, census collection, Population Pyramids and the Demographic Transition Model.

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Another win for geography! Do you listen to the weather on the radio, look it up online, or watch it on TV? How about a weather application on your phone? Well, the daily, weekly and monthly forecasts are surely based on your location. UConn making it to the final four a big deal in your hometown? How about Seattle Seahawks for the win? While there are some who support teams who have nothing to do with where we live, many of us tend to root along for the teams that represent our home town, city, state, or region.

In fact, when it comes to housing, you may have already utilized numbers on this list to better understand the features of an area you are choosing to move to. Will you be living near the ocean, a downtown, a farm, a school? Will the area have public transit? In person, realtors take these questions into consideration when helping to find you a home.

Online, Zillow , Trulia , or Craigslist can help do the job as well. Due to technological development over years, airplanes now capable of taking photographs of land from above. Pictures taken from space can be used to make maps, monitor ice melt, assess flood damage, track oil spills, predict weather or perform endless other functions.

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On time, ill use their service again, much appreciated, before deadline they finished my assignment. Geostatistics is used extensively in a variety of fields, including hydrology , geology , petroleum exploration, weather analysis, urban planning , logistics , and epidemiology. The mathematical basis for geostatistics derives from cluster analysis , linear discriminant analysis and non-parametric statistical tests , and a variety of other subjects. Applications of geostatistics rely heavily on geographic information systems , particularly for the interpolation estimate of unmeasured points.

Geographers are making notable contributions to the method of quantitative techniques. Geographic qualitative methods, or ethnographical research techniques, are used by human geographers. In cultural geography there is a tradition of employing qualitative research techniques, also used in anthropology and sociology.

Participant observation and in-depth interviews provide human geographers with qualitative data. The oldest known world maps date back to ancient Babylon from the 9th century BC. The accompanying text mentions seven outer regions beyond the encircling ocean. The descriptions of five of them have survived.

The ideas of Anaximander c. Anaximander is credited with the invention of the gnomon , the simple, yet efficient Greek instrument that allowed the early measurement of latitude. Thales is also credited with the prediction of eclipses. The foundations of geography can be traced to the ancient cultures, such as the ancient, medieval, and early modern Chinese.

The Greeks , who were the first to explore geography as both art and science , achieved this through Cartography , Philosophy , and Literature , or through Mathematics.

There is some debate about who was the first person to assert that the Earth is spherical in shape, with the credit going either to Parmenides or Pythagoras. Anaxagoras was able to demonstrate that the profile of the Earth was circular by explaining eclipses. However, he still believed that the Earth was a flat disk, as did many of his contemporaries. One of the first estimates of the radius of the Earth was made by Eratosthenes.

The first rigorous system of latitude and longitude lines is credited to Hipparchus. He employed a sexagesimal system that was derived from Babylonian mathematics. To measure the longitude at different locations on Earth, he suggested using eclipses to determine the relative difference in time.

He extended the work of Hipparchus , using a grid system on his maps and adopting a length of From the 3rd century onwards, Chinese methods of geographical study and writing of geographical literature became much more comprehensive than what was found in Europe at the time until the 13th century. During the Middle Ages , the fall of the Roman empire led to a shift in the evolution of geography from Europe to the Islamic world.

Turkish geographer, Mahmud al-Kashgari drew a world map on a linguistic basis, and later so did Piri Reis Piri Reis map. Further, Islamic scholars translated and interpreted the earlier works of the Romans and the Greeks and established the House of Wisdom in Baghdad for this purpose. Abu Rayhan Biruni — first described a polar equi- azimuthal equidistant projection of the celestial sphere.

He often combined astronomical readings and mathematical equations, in order to develop methods of pin-pointing locations by recording degrees of latitude and longitude. He also developed similar techniques when it came to measuring the heights of mountains , depths of the valleys , and expanse of the horizon. He also discussed human geography and the planetary habitability of the Earth.

He also calculated the latitude of Kath, Khwarezm , using the maximum altitude of the Sun, and solved a complex geodesic equation in order to accurately compute the Earth 's circumference , which was close to modern values of the Earth's circumference. In contrast to his predecessors, who measured the Earth's circumference by sighting the Sun simultaneously from two different locations, al-Biruni developed a new method of using trigonometric calculations, based on the angle between a plain and mountain top, which yielded more accurate measurements of the Earth's circumference, and made it possible for it to be measured by a single person from a single location.

The European Age of Discovery during the 16th and the 17th centuries, where many new lands were discovered and accounts by European explorers such as Christopher Columbus , Marco Polo , and James Cook revived a desire for both accurate geographic detail, and more solid theoretical foundations in Europe.

The problem facing both explorers and geographers was finding the latitude and longitude of a geographic location. The problem of latitude was solved long ago but that of longitude remained; agreeing on what zero meridian should be was only part of the problem.

It was left to John Harrison to solve it by inventing the chronometer H-4 in , and later in for the International Meridian Conference to adopt by convention the Greenwich meridian as zero meridian. The 18th and the 19th centuries were the times when geography became recognized as a discrete academic discipline , and became part of a typical university curriculum in Europe especially Paris and Berlin.

Over the past two centuries, the advancements in technology with computers have led to the development of geomatics and new practices such as participant observation and geostatistics being incorporated into geography's portfolio of tools. In the West during the 20th century, the discipline of geography went through four major phases: The strong interdisciplinary links between geography and the sciences of geology and botany , as well as economics , sociology and demographics have also grown greatly, especially as a result of earth system science that seeks to understand the world in a holistic view.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Geography disambiguation. The science that studies the terrestrial surface, the societies that inhabit it and the territories, landscapes, places or regions that form it. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. February Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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Today, geography is a multi-disciplinary field that utilizes everything from orbiting satellites to ethnographic interviews. More than just the study of maps, borders, mountains and rivers, geography attempts to explain the human relationship to our environment, both natural and man-made.

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Step-by-step solutions to all your Geography homework questions - Slader. Geography (from Greek γεωγραφία, geographia, literally "earth description") is a field of science devoted to the study of the lands, features, inhabitants, and phenomena of Earth. The first person to use the word γεωγραφία was Eratosthenes (– BC).

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Human Geography Human geography is concerned with the distribution and networks of people and cultures on Earth’s surface. A human geographer might investigate the local, regional, and global impact of rising economic powers China and India, which represent 37 percent of the world’s people. Need even more information? Don't forget to search the reference sources of Fact Monster for answers to your homework questions.