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Why is recycling important? You asked Google – here’s the answer

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❶I remember bagging up aluminum cans and then taking them down to the local about 20 miles away actually scrap metal dealer to have them recycled.

Recycling Conserves Resources

The magic of home composting
Teaching Kids the Importance of Recycling
The Waste Hierarchy

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And in , the first recycling center opened in New York City. From those early efforts, paper recycling has continued to grow until, today, more paper is recycled (if measured by weight) than all of the glass, plastic, and aluminum combined.

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Paper is made from wood, fibers and recycled paper. The more recycling to be done the less wood is needed, that means trees. Paper is one material that is highly recyclable. Depending on the process used, paper manufacturing may require the use of materials that can cause environmental degradation. This is also true in paper recycling.

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2. By using waste paper to produce new paper disposal problems are reduced. 3. Producing recycled paper involves between 28 – 70% less energy consumption than virgin paper and uses less water. This is because most of the energy used in papermaking is the pulping needed to turn wood into paper. 4. There are plenty of facts out there on why recycling is important. The world population is growing, not shrinking, and currently each human being adds significant waste to the planet over his or her lifetime. In New York alone, people produce enough trash in one day to fill the entire Empire State building.

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The paper recycling process, while using fewer chemicals and polluting less than virgin paper, still impacts the environment. Not all recycled paper is the same. Much recycled paper contains a mix of virgin and recycled pulp to strengthen deteriorating fibers. The higher the content of recycled pulp, the less. Importance of Recycling: Recycling is important in today's world if we want to leave this planet for our future generations. It is good for the environment, since we are making new products from the old products which are of no use to us. Recycling begins at home.