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I emailed them complaining about the airism deal and how it went live early than the advertised 11pm time. You mean people who work for or are homers for Uniqlo who refuse to hear anything bad about their wonderful product?

You understand that one of the main reasons Uniqlo prices below competition for many products is that they cut the overhead for customer service, right?

Uniqlo has absolutely terrible customer service. Unless I'm entirely sure that there will be no problems with what I'm buying, I avoid their website and try to buy in store. I can't say my experience with Uniqlo has been too bad. On my last order, they left out an item. When I called them, they apologized profusely and shipped the missing item via Fedex Express. No hassle, even though the order was almost a month ago. I guess it really has to do with individual reps. Also, I've learnt that emailing most clothing companies won't resolve your problem.

Short of calling, most companies will give you a stock response to complaints. Especially companies that compete on price, like Uniqlo. I'm sorry to hear that you've had such bad experiences, OP. I do want to share my story, though. Unfortunately, FedEx delivered my package in the morning and by the time I was home, it had been stolen from my porch I live in a college town, this isn't too surprising.

I try to be home on the days I know I have packages coming, but I had a required patient seminar that day. Long story short, by the next week I had a package of the exact same items delivered to me. Not everyone's customer service can be as great as J. Crew's, but I do have to give credit to some of Uniqlo's reps; they really went out of their way to make my crummy situation correct for me in a circumstance where they really didn't have any obligation to. I don't buy that.

They have a number of stores in the USA and every time admittedly only twice that I have contacted their customer service I have spoken with people clearly from the USA. My experiences however with their customer service have been different. One was positive the other was neutral.

I've never ordered from Uniqlo. Until they allow the use of strong passwords on user accounts I never will. Their security policies are completely inexcusable in the year twenty fourteen. This is being downvoted into heck, but I can't believe they need your password when you call them to make orders. That has always struck me as insanely archaic in the year of our lord I really have no idea why redditors are so offended when someone points out that their darling is being run improperly.

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