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Why Does It Take Me So Long to Finish a Task?

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❶Hello to all and thank u so much for ur responses.

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Skip ahead a year and was learning programming at university, which I fell in love with immediately. Suddenly, all of these math concepts start popping up and I can't get enough of them. I now work full time and, I kid you not, have spent the last six months programming a university-level geometry algorithm that most people glaze over when I try explaining it. I kinda have the reverse on your take. I used to sit all day loving maths. In elementary school I was so into maths I ended up doing maths 2 years ahead of my lvl.

Just because I loved solving things. Now I am so scatter brained anything and everything interests me Now I really cant stand maths. And I have a really hard time focusing on just solving a simple equation. I think, for me at least, it has something to do with math being a means to an end. I'm fascinated with complex systems and especially emergent behaviour in things like sociology, physics, evolutionary biology and code. There's still no way you could sit me down in front of an exercise book and do math problems.

Most of the replies in this thread don't suit me, because I'm usually around times more efficient at anything than most people. I usually put it off a lot and then just do things in a super short amount of time and do really well on it. Yeah, me too, I use to do my homework during classes so I'd have practically nothing left to do at home. I usually procrastinate like crazy and then go into hyper mode to finish on time.

I'm always thinking about something and extrapolating on the things I observe. I just "get" it, and then I mull it over for a while and then just blast it all out when I need it.

I think I'm fairly smart, but my brain just kinda works at a slower pace so it does often take me longer to finish assignments. Also have a writing disability so that makes written assignments hell for me.

Homework is especially hard for me and I kinda blame that on my parents. My parents didn't have the patients for the time it took for me to finnish and assignment, or with how much I struggled with writing.

They just thought I was lazy. So they'd try to help me and always just end up yelling, and making me cry. This has left me with a lot anxiety over the idea of homework. Ah damn, I also had the same problem when I was young. My mother would always yell at me because I'd take the whole afternoon trying to start writing something, so I also ended up crying.

Was like that up to middle school. Kinda screwed me over in college when I still had a lot of anxiety associated with doing work outside of class, and was had comfort issue with getting help. What makes it worse is that they seem to bend over backwards giving accommodations to people who struggle with math, or have text anxiety, but they do nothing for people who struggle with writing, or have homework anxiety.

Depends on the type of assignment for me. I am very slow at producing longer texts and pretty fast at math. How focused are you while doing the assignment? Also, can you give us a concrete example on what kind of homework you are talking about?

Well, latest was writing an article in LaTeX, but I usually take so long actually doing math. I know how it's done, I'm just so slow at actually solving anything. LaTeX is actually quite nice in that regard because it allows you to seperate the writing process from the layout and form. Yeah, I didn't take so long to actually write it, but reading enough to be able to write an article was the most time consuming thing.

It could be practice, I can't really recall well how much time I took with problems I did often. I also always commit the most absurd errors. I'm at school 3 hours earlier than class right now because my groupmate is tired of my procrastinating. The essay is due in 2 days Honestly it's weird how early he wants to get it done. I'm slow at pretty much everything. Then you'll have essentially an outline or mind map.

You'll notice gaps you don't know which will naturally motivate you to learn the gap. Once you have this sheet with a model, you'll be unstoppable and quick. I'm incredibly slow with things I'm not directly motivated to do, but need to do for reasons homework for most things falls under this. In comparison it can take me 40 minutes to write a single paragraph email that I don't want to write.

I'm not necessairly fast at things I'm interested in, I'm still slow. I stopped doing homework in middle school. Both out of principal and because it had always been an issue.

Granted I ended up leaving school because they wouldn't pass me without doing the mindless repetition of homework, despite getting As on tests. Worst was math, when I could do it in my head and bitches demand I show my work. Again, when I got straight As on tests it didn't matter. I have ADD as well, so pretty much the entire time I did schooling my mom trying to keep me at homework was like trying to keep a ball from rolling off another ball that it's balanced upon.

Then again, I think I'm the only person in class that is flailing around on the desk. Time that is absolutely wasted unless I ended up getting the wrong answer, which I usually didn't. Yes, and I just don't seem to get most questions how stupid that may sound. After I am finished learning for a subject I usually still don't understand the homework questions but I am able to get a sufficient for the test. I hate being forced to write about uninteresting stuff or analyze a bad book I had to read.

Then I completed them during a day and night and thus passing the class. I did the same with all the lab reports in physics class but I did it the next week during an evening and night. I finished about lab reports that night.

I got a good result on a test similar to SAT here in sweden so I did not need good grades to study at the university. That not very motivating to get good grades. I get extra time on exams despite getting all As. Let her know how beneficial it would be if you or a tutor could help her. She'd spend less time doing work and more time playing.

Maybe her teacher could be of some help also. Before jumping on paying a tutor, I'd try to rule out everything else first. Here are the questions that came to mind Have you spoken with her math teacher? Is it possible she misunderstood or didn't pay attention to when all of the assignments were due and has put too much on herself?

Is she struggling with the actual concepts she's learning or does she just piddle when it comes to getting the work done? Is she struggling with something social at school? If she truly has a difficult time getting through math worksheets which you would probably know by her age - if she's been in school, she's been doing worksheets for 7 years now , can you arrange for her to have a little extra time to turn them in?

The amount of work you described doesn't seem like "too much" to me, and I know my 5th grader gets the equivalent of that done daily in class. She's a good student on the report card, but has always had a bad tendency to talk to others in class - perhaps someone like my kid is sitting next to your daughter! We've had to explain to her that even though the talking isn't hurting her grades, it's hindering those around her who NEED to be paying attention.

I remember when I was in school, it took me forever to do assignments because I would always get distracted. I wasn't tested for anything, but think I could have had ADD. Does she have a lot of distractions at home? Radio, tv, stuff going on around her? I have a 12 yr old son that has this exact same problem. It will also take him until 10pm some nights to get his homework done. I have tried many different things.

He does take Concerta which helps at school but by the evening it has wore off. No problems at school at all. If you do come across any good advise please pass it along I would love to try anything!!

She may be finding it hard to focus or she may be getting distracted. Honestly I don't think the schools are giving that much homework at that level but you never know what the school's goals are. You said it yourself she's challenged by the homework and the fact that she spent 6 hours working on it is amazing. It may be time to invest in a tutor or a learning program that will help her absorb the information.

The Boys and Girls Club of America offers those sorts of things for a pretty inexpensive price. There's also places like Sylvan Learning Center which could offer testing to see if she has any trouble comprehending things or just can't focus enough to do the work quickly and effectively. Speak to the teacher about it and see if the school can offer some help.

The teacher will know how long it should take an average child to complete the worksheet and you can guage your child's needs according to that.

I would highly recommend getting her some sylvan help I doubt she has ADHD or she wouldn't be able to sit that long. My daughter would take hours to do her homework as well. It was so frustrating. In order to know how to help, you need to know why she needs the help. So talk to a specialist as well. I know exactly what she is going through, I've been there!!! I feel for her so much and I'm sure I put my mom through the same thing you are going through right now. Have you had screaming and crying fits yet?

If I were you, I would not have her evaluated unless you believe she is mentally unable to grasp certain concepts. If you do choose to have her evaluated find your own child psychologis to do the teasting, the school gets extra federal money for every child requiring special attention so their oppinion may be bias.

The school system is required to pay for the testing wheather you use the school psychologist or you find your own. I say this because it is very, very likely any child psychologist will either tell you "LD" classes in the short term so she can get more one on one attention to better grasp the concepts or label her "learning disabled" in certain areas then request that you put her into LD classes in an attempt to help her catch up, raise grades, fill in learning gaps, and get more one on one attention.

Sounds like what you both need, right? Here is how the public school "LD" system works; They test her IQ and what she has learned in school up to this point.

They will pin-point any learning gaps and what grade level she is on in every subject. I'd be willing to bet since her IQ obviously isn't low enough to be mentaly handicaped they would base their request to give her "extra help" on filling in any gaps in her learning and giving her more time and extra one on one help in doing her work. All of this doesn't sound so bad, does it? Here is the down side. This is only a good thing if you believe in taking the easy way out at the expense of her self esteam and being prepared for college.

This is why; since the LD classes slow things down a bit actually a lot because of the varing levels of students in the class, they won't even all be her age. True, she will be making wonderful grades because she will likely be allowed to take tests no matter what class with her LD teacher where the test may be made easier by not requiring her to do all problems, no time limits, and maybe even made into multiple choice.

All of these things mean the school district gets paid more from the government. However, this does not benefit her in actually learning the material and will make college extreamly difficult.

What I would do; get her a tutor, help her yourself if you are good at math, or send her somewhere like Sylvan Learning Center http: It is expensive but very worth it. My Sophamore year my mother gave me the choice to get Math tutoring at Sylvan Learning Center or a car for my 16th birthday. I was no different than any other teenager and I really really wanted that car I knew I was but nobody would believe me or so I felt. There was nothing I could do, I felt powerless, Its not like I knew how to teach myself the math I needed to know to be back on my grade level.

So, I chose to go to Sylvan.

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Homework Anxiety! It takes way too long to Finish!: Hello again everyone! It just occurred to me to bring this up, I was hoping to add this somewhere.

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Anyone else extremely slow at doing homework? what it takes someone 5 minutes I spend minutes. HOW? I don't have much to say about it, this is just some kind of rant because it's pretty frustrating. And I usually don't do it to avoid frustration, but sometimes I have to force myself or I'll fail the subject. me too, I use to do my.

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When I was at school, it would take me much longer to do my homework than my siblings or friends. They would be outside playing and I would still be in my bedroom doing the homework. My dyslexia means reading and writing take me much longer than other people. It was like, students worry about homework being too long to finish, then it said “If you do your homework before playing it will only take you a hour”. I’m like “An hour!!!”. It literally takes me to 3 hours to do my homework.

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Aug 31,  · Why Homework Takes Too Long It comes as a nasty shock to a young child to get home after an exhausting day of school only to have Mom dig some assignment out of the backpack and try to force more schoolwork on FedUpMom. He gets distracted and is the last to finish at school and homework takes all night at home. We follow your practice and do not believe in physical punishment. I even make weekly checklists to use with a timer but he forgets all about the checklist or timer.