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Ocr History B Gcse Past Paper 2016 (ocr-history-b-gcse-past-paper-2016)...

Original post by dins my teacher told us that this year ocr have changed things and we can get a mix of topics!!

Follow 7 Follow 8 Can anyone explain how to structure the mark question? Lois16 Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to Lois Follow 9 Does anyone know what came up in Jan?

I know its not good to try and predict but time is running out so I want to chose one to focus on. Also what's this news that OCR might do a mix of topics?!!!!!!! Follow 10 Follow 11 Original post by grovyle how would you answer the big 16 marker at the end?

Follow 12 Original post by morgan my teacher told us to leave at least 15 mins for the last question and to organise it into 3 paragraphs, one paragraph agreeing with the statement, one opposing it and a conclusion one too. Morolakeee Follow 0 followers 1 badge Send a private message to Morolakeee. Follow 13 Original post by bestrevision23 Can anyone explain how to structure the mark question?

Follow 14 Original post by grovyle thank you! Follow 15 Last edited by revisionforgcses; at Follow 16 What are the different topics we need to revise, AND is the paper just on us Brits in what ever period.

Follow 17 Original post by Will. Follow 18 Which section came up last year out of the 3? The main public health problems in British towns were: Opposition To Public Health Improvements: Edwin Chadwick wrote the Sanitary Report on poor areas of London.

Factor 2 - Cholera Epidemics: Factor 3 - John Snow's Work: Factor 4 - The Great Stink Factor 5 - Pasteur's Germ Theory Factor 6 - Political Changes: Public Health Improvements 19th Century: These changes made towns cleaner and infant deaths decreased. Liberal Health Reforms 20th Century: After the Liberal government introduced many public health improvements: The NHS 20th Century: Report Mon 16th April, Report Wed 25th April, These Revision notes are amazing.

It covers all the topics I have went through. They are easy and simple. Now I can start revising for my History mock without worries.

Thank you very much! Report Thu 31st May, These notes are really good! Very factual but concise! And covers everything the specification says to. Thank you so much! Wow, really good comprehensive notes which have stuck closely to the specification. Exactly what I needed, gives essential knowledge. Report Sun 3rd June, Report Tue 28th May, Report Thu 2nd June, Report Sun 5th June, Report Tue 6th December, Report Thu 30th March, Report Wed 12th April, Report Sat 3rd June, Report Sun 4th June, Report Thu 1st February, Has anyone else had this experience or knows what to do?

Osteoarthritis Painful joints Infection Especially during childbirth Poor diet Short life expectancy Prehistoric beliefs about disease: Prehistoric people believed that if evil spirits entered your body then you would become ill Prehistoric Healers: Massaging sore joints Herbal Rememdies for fevers Ointments made from animal fats for cuts Supernatural Treatments: Magic spells to scare spirits out of the body Crystals to catch evil spirits in Prehistoric Surgery: Trephining - a hole was drilled in the head to let evil spirits out causing illness out.

The River Nile This made Egyptian farmland good for growing crops Wealth Egyptians sold their crops and became wealthy Trade Egyptians built ships and used them to buy and sell to other countries Religion Egyptians believed in many Gods and in life after death Writing Egyptians wrote in hieroglyphics on papyrus Egyptian Surgery: Specialist doctors Could afford to pay for specialist doctors who were experts in treating a particular part of the body Bronze tools Could afford to pay craftsmen who were able to make stronger and sharper medical tools Herbal Remedies Egyptians bought herbs from other countries and built a large collection to use in making better remedies Written records Egyptians began to write down patients symptoms and the cures they used - useful for treating future patients Knowledge of the body Egyptians knew where the different organs were in the body because they embalmed the body Channels theory This was a natural idea of what caused illness which was based on the river nile Embalming: Prayers Magic Charms Spells.

Religion The Greeks believed in many Gods including Asclepius. For religious reasons, dissection was banned in most of Greece Trade Greeks became rich by trading and using slaves Writing Greeks wrote using an alphabet Philosophy The Greeks loved asking questions about the world around them and this led them to come up with new ideas and theories War Greek cities were often at war with eachother Alexandria Greeks built a centre of excellence with a library and university where doctors could share their knowledge and dissect bodies Greek ideas about disease: Gods -The believed Gods could cause and cure disease The Four Humours Theory - The Greeks believed that each person had 4 humours liquids in their bodies blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile and they believed that if any one of these humours became unbalanced, then a person would become ill.

War The Romans fought many wars so they often had to deal with wounded soldiers Communication the Romans build roads and their medical ideas spread fast Big cities Roman cities were crowded and dirt and dsease built up quickly Religion Romans adopted the Greek God Asclepius Alexandria Romans captured the city ofAlexandria where Greeks had stred their medical collections so they took some of the Greek's ideas Wealth The Roman empire was right so the government has movey to spend on health improvements Roman ideas about disease: Aqueducts To bring fresh water into the city Latrines Public toilets flushed with water Public Baths Sewers To take waste away from the city Fountains To provide fresh water Because the Romans needed their soldiers fit for war, the built water systems for the army too.

Army Hospitals - Where surgeons treated the soldiers Opium - Helped to numb pain during surgery - little effect on severe pain Better Tools - Scalpels and saws for amptuating. Dissection - Galen stressed the importance of dissection in order to learn more about the internal body. However he often had to dissect animals Treatment of opposites - A theory that if a patient had too much of one humour, the treatment given should have opposite qualities to the illness.

War The Roman empire was replaced by different kingdoms, often at war. People and kingdoms had less money to spend on improving medicine Medieval Ideas About Disease: Movement of planets — position of the moon and planets could cause sickness.

Bubonic Plague was spread by fleas living on rats. Pneumonic Plague was spread in the air. Please update this page if you find updated information on the exam boards' websites or if specifications change. Last years past papers are freely available from the SQA website:. We hope you find this article useful. View your post below. We just need to check something in your message and will publish it as soon as we can.

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History Past Exam Papers This page contains links to past papers on exam board websites. Please update this page if you find updated information on the exam boards' websites or if specifications change Most links go direct to the files themselves mostly pdfs , so it might be easier to right click on a file and save it before opening.

If you need Adobe Reader to view. By downloading and viewing any of the content linked to from this site you will follow the terms and conditions with regards to copyright permissions as stated on the individual exam boards' websites.

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This section includes recent GCSE History past papers from OCR. OCR currently run two syllabuses History A and History B. If you are not sure which syllabus you are studying check with your teacher.

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