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Analysis of Girl Interrupted Essay Sample

Fumbling by Leisure, Singing to Cake

❶She is a teenager in high school and is beginning to feel the pressure of the real world. This, intern made the girls do things for themselves, making them want to get out and pursue that.

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Analysis of Girl Interrupted Essay Sample

The worst treatment used is electro shock therapy, also known as ECT. This is when one is shocked by strong amounts of electricity, repeatedly, for however long the doctors decided to keep the patients there. There are a few incidences when ECT actually worked and completely cured a patient, but these were few and far between; the truth of the treatment is much worse.

In essence, what happens is that the individual is dazed, confused, and disoriented, and therefore cannot remember or appreciate current problems. The shocks are then continued for a few weeks sometimes several times a day to make the procedure 'take,' that is, to damage the brain sufficiently so that the individual will not remember, at least for several months, the problems that led to his being shocked in the first place.

The greater the brain damage, the more likely that certain memories and abilities will never return. The side effects are quite extreme. The treatments could totally destroy certain parts of the brain, which obviously would not help, but would take away any sanity one still had. People would lose their memory, lose their personality, and lose any hope of freedom they might have had. If you destroy the mind of an insane person who is in the hospital because they are a danger to society and themselves, what do they have to look forward to?

The last of the treatments is being in the hospital itself. Aside from the Harsh Physical treatments, all one would have is hospital life. Just imagine being told that people would help, and all they did was take away any freedom a person had. This just annoyed patients, having to be checked on like. Retrieved 11, , from https: It seems like they wanted patients to get physically sick too; maybe the nurses get commission on medication.

Read full document Save. She eventually recovered and left Claymore to live a normal life. Three psychological concepts that are portrayed in the movie relating to mental illness, Girl Interrupted, are the diathesis-stress model, labeling, and psychological treatment. In the movie, a psychologist mentions that borderline personality disorder is more likely in a child if one of the parents has the disorder.

Although we are unsure if either parent has the disorder, we know that there is a biological factor linked to the disorder. This means that Susanna is predisposed to the disorder.

She is a teenager in high school and is beginning to feel the pressure of the real world. Adults continuously ask her what she plans to do with her life and give her displeased responses when she tells them she has no plans for college. Susanna dreams to be a writer but no one supports her. Counselors and family friends judge her when she tells them her plans to be a writer. The stress Susanna is feeling with high school ending and becoming an adult causes her to have symptoms of the predisposed disorder.

Another environmental factor that caused stress for Susanna is how her mother reacts to her mental illness. Susanna took a cab to the Claymore rather than going with her mother. According to the article; Affective behavior during mother—daughter conflict and borderline personality disorder severity across adolescence, adolescent girls show improvement with symptoms of borderline personality disorder when their mother supplies commutative, supportive behavior to the daughter.

Mothers and daughters complete questioners that are designed to produce conflict and negative emotion. The Revised Interactional Dimensions Coding System was used to interpret the interaction between mother and daughter. The results show that the daughters, with mothers who present affective behavior, such as be supportive, symptoms of borderline personality disorder decline.

Susanna showed symptoms of borderline personality disorder and ended up at a mental institution after a suicide attempt where she was labeled to have a mental illness. Once she was at the mental institution her behavior worsened.

She met people with real psychological disorders and some cases were much more severe than her own. Being in the institution and being labeled with a psychological disorder caused her to act out.

Susanna would not get out of bed for a while, so one of the nurses, Valerie, picked her up and dropped her in a cold bathtub. Valerie told her she is just a young girl, driving herself crazy.

Susanna was acting this way because her label affected her. She has been labeled with a psychological disorder, put in an institution, and all of her new friends have severe disorders. In order for Susanna to overcome her mental illness, she needed to go through treatment. Susanna was unaware that she would be receiving medication. When she told the nurses she did not want them, they insisted. Susanna was taking the medication prescribed to her, even though she was unaware of what they were.

Once Susanna accepted the treatment from Claymore, she started to gain the benefits. She began to take her recovery seriously and accepted help. Another type of treatment Susanna received was psychoanalysis, which is a part of clinical psychology, developed by Sigmund Freud. Susanna sat on a couch while telling a psychologist her feelings and thoughts. These psychologists recorded her progress and determined if she was fit to leave Claymore.

Once Susanna was sincere about getting help, the treatment worked and she was able to recover and leave Claymore. Susanna Kaysen was a young girl experiencing symptoms of mental illness. Susanna eventually accepted treatment and recovered. Mental illness affects many people but does not have to be something that overtakes peoples lives forever. Introducing psychology, 2nd edition.

Affective behavior during mother—daughter conflict and borderline personality disorder severity across adolescence. Theory, Research, And Treatment, 5 1 , Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva or FOP is a disorder that makes muscle and connective tissue gradually get turned into bone which then in turn inhibits motion. Psychological disorders - disorders reflecting abnormalities of the mind variation from the cultural standard Medical Student Disease - diagnosing yourself with every possible illness How many people develop a psych disorder?

Introduction to Anxiety Disorders Anxiety is a common and essential process of daily life. It is highly important, evolutionary speaking, as people typically experience anxiety when faced with environmental threats such as encountering a lion not so common a concern in modern society for most people , scarcity of food or other resources, or acceptance among one's peers and society at large. Schizophrenia, Depression, Mania, Anxiety disorder, and Tourette syndrome are all types of these disorders.

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- Girl, Interrupted Girl, Interrupted is an autobiographical book written by Susana Kaysen which was turned in to a movie. Susana Kaysen expressed promiscuous behavior earlier in her life and was sent to the Claymore Mental Hospital to be analyzed.

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Home → SparkNotes → Literature Study Guides → Girl, Interrupted Suggested Essay Topics; How to Cite This SparkNote. Share This SparkNote. Share on Twitter At first, we see the kind, fun side of Lisa, who immediately befriends Lisa Cody, giving the new girl instant credibility on the ward. As soon as Lisa Cody is diagnosed as a.

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The movie Girl Interrupted deals, among with other topics, with the reality of women in the late 's and early 's in relation to how society defined and placed them. Main character Susanna. Read this Literature Essay and over 88, other research documents. Girl Interrupted. Rory Boyan Writing 1 04/19/02 Considering all the treatment methods used at Mclean Hospital, harsh physical treatments were rarely /5(1).

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Girl Interrupted Essay The movie Girl interrupted is an interesting movie that delves into the psychology of multiple young girls in an in-house psychiatric facility. The two main characters in the movie are Susanna, played by Wynona Rider, and Lisa, played by Angelina Jolie. Essay on Girl Interrupted Review Words | 4 Pages. One popular cultural myth about the mentally ill is the archetype of the "Sexy Crazy Girl", which we've seen in movies, comic books, and music.