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Narrative Essay: Should Cell Phones Be Allowed in Schools?

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❶Many schools have their own phone and the parents can be contacted through it. The situation I saw was with a young girl who had Aspergers and literally could not see what the big deal was.

The argument for cell phones

Discover how to enhance early education by embracing mobile technology.
What happened?

An average student wanting an education. February 11, at 5: January 24, at 7: December 19, at January 23, at 2: December 14, at December 14, at 6: March 24, at 7: No there are other things that could be a problem such as Snapchat, Instgram, Twitter, ect. December 13, at December 7, at 7: January 19, at 1: February 15, at 9: April 12, at 5: February 23, at March 14, at 4: I got to say I agree but I mean you just proved the point of the other side.

November 7, at I use cellphones at school all the time Bro!! December 1, at 9: I would love if they gave us iPhone6s. But my school dont allow phones. January 3, at March 1, at 8: March 7, at 8: October 20, at February 10, at September 21, at 6: October 24, at 6: November 14, at 6: April 24, at 6: August 27, at 8: February 16, at 8: March 1, at 7: March 28, at May 31, at 7: May 19, at 7: May 18, at November 28, at December 11, at 9: December 16, at December 17, at 3: January 19, at January 31, at January 27, at March 6, at 1: May 4, at 7: April 21, at 7: November 21, at Sorry to opo your bubble.

November 30, at November 30, at 8: April 14, at 5: April 11, at 1: March 31, at March 29, at April 21, at 9: March 25, at 9: March 22, at 9: Not that I do not disagree but why do you think that I would like to know more. Texting in the Classroom: Not Just a Distraction. The Pew Research Center released new data this week on Americans' text-messaging habits. According to Pew, 83 percent of American adults now own cell phones and almost three-quarters 73 percent send and receive text messages.

The research only looks at adults' usage of text-messaging, but it does find that younger adults are much more active texters than older age groups. Cellphone owners between the ages of 18 and 24 exchange an average of That's compared to about The Pew study doesn't look at the texting habits of those under age 18, but a study released last year by Nielsen found that those cellphone users in the 13 to 17 age range were the most avid texters among any age group.

Certainly that age group -- in fact, all those under 18 -- are increasingly likely to be cellphone owners. If kids really cared about there grade they would know better and use a cellphone only when necessary. This conversation is so funny! Kids and students should not use phones at school because it can cause distraction. An individual should go to school in order to gain all knowledge and skills required to survive,so when the student now depend on phones in order to search the web and all that,how are they going to get those knowledge and skills which can help them survive when they depend on phone?

This is a hard question to answer because textbooks are things schools have they cost quite a bit and phones would just throw away money used to buy them.

But they are great source for information. We simply want to have it there for security. My school used to allow us to bring in phones and leave them at the office, yet for some reason that has changed. Many kids bring phones in because we may be walking and in case of an emergency. Teachers can simply regulate the time of using of cell phones in school. Cell phones can be used by students to report any emergency. I think phones are good use for school becuz they can use it in case of an emergency and they need to contact their parent.

This is a public website. Anyone could see these comments. Plus, most of you are fighting among yourselves and none of us on the web really want to see that. Despite the very valid arguments above, I myself, as a high school student in the International Baccalaureate program, find myself using my phone for educational purposes quite often.

I keep my phone on silent, and I pay attention in class. While certain students may abuse the privilege to have their phone in class, it is important as well. Currently, with the amount of school shootings rising, I feel that it is an important safety measure as well. Phones can be both an asset to learning as well as a distraction, however that use falls on the teacher as well and how well they manage their class and what their rules are.

It depends on the students and people should not condemn the education of other simply based on the few who do not make the best decisions. Students should not have cell phones in class because they will watch porn and get horny on their teacher.

Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Cell phone ban Cell phones Department of Education nyc public schools. What if it was a private family matter. What if they cheat in school. Well duh keep it in your locker on silent like boy what the hell is wrong with you.

But there is no point of bringing it to school anymore so now you sound dumb. Yea but the teacher can do that. But just because you need mobile phones because of an emergency is not a really good reason. That makes no sense they banned them before that started. I like your comet the most. I am with you on that because people do not use cellphones the right way anymore! Do you like fones? Thats a very good point james. I think phones are a distraction. Cell phones should be allowed for emergencies.

I think they shouldnt be alowed to use there phones because they can faild there class. I think they should have phones because it would be a good resource for them to use. I think you should have a cellphone at all times school,work anywhere anytime. Phones should be aloud in schools, but for only important things. As long as phones are silenced they should be aloud.

I am the all powerful Hadies!!! How you know our parents phone number. Are you stalking people?

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Mount Vernon School Room Persuasive Essay / Cellular Telephone Cell Phones: Many American youth now have cell phones that they carry with them cell phones be allowed at school?Many teachers and students claim that phones are distracting while many parents and students insist that phones are necessary.

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Cell Phones Should Not Be Allowed In School Essay. harmful effects of cell phones by closely evaluating the many negative consequences of their use in schools. It will study some of the most widely concerned topics of cellphone use in school including cheating, cyberbullying, and sexting.

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THE WRITING PROCESS – PERSUASIVE ESSAY Prompt: Do you think cell phones should be allowed in school? Compose an essay to persuade the school community of your opinion. These reasons definitely speak in favor of prohibiting teenagers using cell phones in high schools. References “Safe Search Kids.” Cell Phones in School. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 June Murphy, Richard, and Louis-Philippe Beland. “The Science of Why Schools Should Ban Cell Phone Use.” Time. Time, n.d. Web. 22 June

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Cell Phones Should Be Allowed In School Essay - Have you ever heard of the gruesome Columbine High School massacre. This incident occurred on April 20th and involved two students embarking on a shooting rampage, killing twelve students, a teacher and wounding twenty three others. I do not believe that cell phones should be allowed in schools. I think they are distracting and make people okay with doing nothing. I also think they are stunting children’s social development, so here is why I think how I do.