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Telecommuting Resume Writing – A Complete Guide

#1 Create a Title

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#2 Use Reverse Chronological Format

On the line beneath, list the exact name of your degree, followed by the month and year that degree was earned or when it will be earned. The use of bold or italics is optional, but will help certain items to stand out. Recent grads can include their GPA if it is 3. By all means, add Honors such as scholarships, honor societies and other accolades if you have the room for them.

Experience will be the central piece of telecommuting resume writing that sells your brand to a prospective employer. While describing responsibilities and achievements, this section enables you to define what you do that sets you apart from others in your field. Buzzwords will also be welcome in this section. Start by listing the name of your most recent employer, and their location. Underneath, list your title and the dates, as in this example:. Lastly, your Skills section should contain technical skills such as computer programs you use on a regular basis, any proficiency with coding, app software and social media , keyboard speed wpm , and language skills.

Add your level of expertise for each if you have the room to do so. Years ago, it was enough to say that you were proficient in Microsoft Word and knew a little Excel. Nowadays, the Information Age necessitates that cutting-edge technologies which continuously flood the marketplace make their way into your skill toolbox. Lest you think that employers are all about technical skills, check out the top characteristics that employers seek in their remote employees: This is one great idea that you can work into your resume as well; something like:.

Your core strengths of self-regulation, collaborative ability and time management should find their way into your telecommuting resume. This upsurge in nontraditional collaborations is partially due to technology advancements, but is also due to a shift in mindset.

Chuck Wilsker, president and CEO of the Telework Coalition , a nonprofit advocacy group, has been promoting the benefits of telework for years. Chuck has seen how remote work addresses the needs of both worker and workplace. A relatively inexpensive and effective means of providing opportunities for non-traditional workers, telecommuting has also been shown to be a critical part of disaster mitigation and business continuity, and lessens our dependence on imported energy.

Liberating yourself from a wearying daily commute, traffic tie-ups and parking issues can serve to alleviate the stress that all that shuttling back and forth brings. Each resume is typically scanned by Applicant Tracking Software ATS for short before a pair of eyes ever gets a chance to review it.

This helps HR Departments filter through the qualifications of hundreds of applicants. Once the ATS has done its job, the hiring manager has a smaller pool from which to choose. What important pieces of information are ATS and actual human recruiters visually targeting? Among other things, relevant skills, essential qualifications such as degrees and certifications, and areas of expertise. Due to the nature of remote jobs, your likely competitors may be as close as the next city, or they might be across the ocean.

At any rate, there will be a lot of them. To ensure your resume gets past the filter intact, you must find out what key words are being used in your field.

So where do you find key words? The best place to look is in job descriptions for which you are qualified. When you read these job descriptions in your industry , you will start to see patterns emerge. Not by a long shot. Your telecommuting resume is the first step in making sure that the prospective employer knows specific things about you—what you stand for, what you bring to the table.

Remote Jobs for First-Time Telecommuters. With an explosion of technology making home-based work possible, the advantages of pursuing telework are many. You have to be able to validate it. Stated accomplishments and achievements should be summarized by no more than 6 concisely written bullet points and substantiated by honest facts, figures and other types of empirical evidence. As a remote worker, it would certainly help your cause if you include a link to your portfolio or to websites that you have done work for.

If you did freelance content writing, include links to websites where your work was published. If you plan to start out a business as a freelancer or Virtual Assistant, invest in a mobile responsive personal website in order to professionalize your services. Then include the link to your personal website in your resume. If you make it to the interview, the recruiter will surely ask you to submit references.

However as a remote worker, it would be advisable to include the name of select clients as references. The recruiter is more inclined to verify your remote work experience because this time, they are dealing with clients; people who directly contracted and entrusted you with their work.

It gives a more compelling reason to verify your claims because it answers one very important question: However, before including the name of a client, make sure to get his or her permission. This ensures that you are not in breach of any confidentiality agreement and at the same time gives your client advanced notice that someone may contact him or her asking on your credentials.

The answer to where you should place your remote work experience will come down to these basic questions: If you had employment gaps, you should include your remote work experience with the rest of your work history. Keep in mind that work experience should be written in reverse chronological order. By having your remote work experience here, it will help cover employment gaps. If your decision to work remotely was by design or if you are applying specifically for remote work from the company, it would be a good idea to create a separate remote work experience section.

The remote work experience section should be placed ahead of the overall work experience to give it more prominence and importance. As discussed earlier, remote work is accepted by recruiters. The benefits of indicating it far outweigh any detriments. As long as you professionalize the way it is presented, your remote work experience will tilt the balance to your favor.

Remote work experience should not be included in your resume if these were conducted under the following conditions: Otherwise, you should be proud of your remote work experience and have it included in your resume. In times where the job market is tight and highly competitive, recruiters would have nothing but respect for those who decide to create opportunities when there are none.

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Your telecommuting resume writing mission, if you choose to accept it, is to not only handle the requirements of the job, but also convince an employer that you can do the job without supervision. Due to an increasing number of people who are abandoning the traditional workplace for one of flexibility and autonomy, we’ve been ushered into a .

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Resume Help for Telecommuting Jobs and Careers So you're ready to ditch the 2 hour morning commute and become more productive by working at home. You find the perfect job and decide to send the company your resume, you wait, then you wait some more, then nothing happens. How to Write a Resume Summary for a Telecommuting Job by Joseph Terach, CEO of Resume Deli | December 10, If you want to work from home, your resume summary is the key to getting an interview.

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Keep your resume professional and focused on your work history and experience. 7. Creating an Ornate Resume. Yeah, you want your resume to stand out, but it needs to draw attention for the right reasons. Don’t use frilly fonts or colorful backgrounds for a standard resume. Visual resumes are an entirely separate story. It can six to twelve months or longer to find and get hired to a work-at-home job; you'll need a resume or application that shows you've got the skills and experience the employer is looking for. Often there will be an interview by phone or Skype. how working at home can help the company.