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The Giver Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

The Giver Essay Prompts

❶To get rid of the extremes, such as pain and hunger, you have to get rid of things like true friendship and happiness.

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Lois Lowry
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Perhaps they are just used to distinguish girls from boys, ignoring the original, aesthetic purpose of hair ribbons. Another vestige of gender roles is the structure of the family units: Since no one has sex, and the parents do not produce children together, the persistence of heterosexual couples is either a meaningless echo of the traditional nuclear family or an effort to provide both male and female children with appropriate role models. In any case, the community seems to appropriate some of the gender distinctions of pre-Sameness society, but uses them for entirely different purposes.

The Giver, however, seems to have more nostalgic, traditional notions about gender differences, or at least about femininity. His description of Rosemary emphasizes traditionally feminine qualities: He has trouble giving her memories of physical pain and suffering, although he gives them much more easily to Jonas. Jonas, too, associates femininity with gentleness and fragility, even though his father is clearly more gentle and nurturing than his mother.

Perhaps the nostalgia that the Giver and Jonas feel toward the pre-Sameness period extends to the pre-Sameness traditions of gender differences. In a book like the giver , which features a society unlike our own, to whom some concepts we consider ordinary would seem completely outlandish, the author must present familiar things—sleds, love, sunburns—with fresh eyes.

One of the first moments when Jonas encounters something familiar to us, the readers, but totally unfamiliar to him is the moment when the apple changes in midair. Not only is the moment significant as the first time we see Jonas experience something totally new, but it presents an interesting challenge to both the reader and the writer: When the apple changes, Lowry must communicate the quality of its change without using any vocabulary or ideas that Jonas would not already know.

To accomplish this, Lowry places subtle clues throughout the story that call attention to the absence of color. This is done to try and create the perfect society, so there is no one with disabilities or too old to fit into this pseudo-perfect society. The name Rosemary also means love and remembrance which are both sentiments forbidden in the community.

Madeline is an example of the average person, the prototype of the community, who is constructed to convey ideas about society. She is given the same food in the same quantity as everyone else, the same clothes as everyone else, the same house and furniture as everyone else, the same transport as everyone else and the same opportunities as everyone else. They live under this equality in the hope of ridding their society of things like hunger, envy and jealousy, but they must also sacrifice individuality, originality, freedom of choice and difference in order to achieve this sameness and equality.

This helps the elders maintain control and takes away independence and freedom of choice. People like Madeline have also no individual voice, they just follow the system, never questioning it. If they do question it, it goes to the council of elders who never decides everything. This gives the appearance that they can change things if they like, but it is nothing more then appearance. All the characters serve the purpose of showing the flaws in this so called idyllic world, The society that they are living in are so politically correct that it is almost farcical.

The imperfections in Jonas show that it is impossible to conform to these rigid and unnatural guidelines. Home Essays The Giver Essay. The Giver Essay 12 December We will write a custom essay sample on. A limited time offer!

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Sep 05,  · Suggested Essay Topics. 1. One of the more controversial topics that Lowry touches upon in the giver is euthanasia, or the practice of ending someone’s life to ease their suffering. Jonas’s community practices euthanasia on very old citizens as well as upon unhealthy newchildren.

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The Giver Questions and Answers. The Question and Answer section for The Giver is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

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The Giver: ESSAY ASSIGNMENT Mora 3/17/14 Value: 15 points Due: end of class on Monday, March 17, Directions: You will choose 1 out of the 14 prompts provided and respond to it in the form of an essay no less than 3 paragraphs in length. Your response has the following requirements: The number of the prompt chosen will be written next to our entry. The Giver Essay Topics & Writing Assignments Lois Lowry This set of Lesson Plans consists of approximately pages of tests, essay questions, lessons, and other teaching materials.

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Compare the relationship Jonas has with The Giver to the relationship he has with his mother, father, and sister. 3. Explain how Jonas' community is hypocritical. 4. Explain why feelings and memories have been eliminated from Jonas' community. 5. The Giver Essay Questions. The Giver is one of the most highly regarded dystopian novels of the last 50 years. Based on a society where emotion has been eliminated, it sends a stock message about the value in both the good and bad in life, and reading it is a great benefit to young students.