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❶Reward Power Reward Power here could be that you get a reward of a loving child or it could be that the child gets a reward of having a mum and a dad or a brother or a sister.

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Only NOW though has she realised that it might be two editions, not one. What has everyone else done? Along with this is the analytical task. We had to analyse two magazine covers, which I did. Assignment 2 This is the real problem. It's something to do with creating a DVD cover.

We are yet to start, and we're still pretty lost. How can we promote a film without using proper photos? Or is it a made up film? In one breath, she says we have to compare two methods of film promotion. In the next, it's two essays on our DVD cover. In another breath, it's just the basic design of our DVD covers. Then I read something about a "cross media" investigation - isn't that unit 4?!? Who has done this assignment yet, and what exactly did you do?

Assignment 3 We went for radio. Now, we got in a radio DJ to help us produce our programme, which we have done with great success. Analysis though, what has to be done? Again, she's getting us to research Radio 1, the DJs, create a brief that we'd send to Radio 1 about our radio show. She said it mustn't be more than 12 pages - what has to be marked though? I've been doing as she says so far, as she is the one marking our coursework. I've now got to the point where I have 25 days left, and still not a bloody clue as to what we need to do.

However, she doesn't seem to know what she's doing. Luckily, it's a class of 3, but we still have lost all direction. We ask her these questions, and she says "I'll ask AQA" - and we get nothing back.

Also there is a sentence that reads " its just poverty, he'll grow out of it". This is used to tell the audience how this child has been living all of his life.

It also expresses that he wont grow out of it if you don't help him. This sentence has been juxtaposed against the background because the sentence is in white and bold and the background is pure black. In the Rimmel London advert the typography is all the same apart from the colours. This has been used because if it was all different then it would look all over the place because there is allot of writing.

Also there is some capitals used for the title ' Rimmel ' whereas all the rest of the writing is is lowercase.

In the Barnardo's advert typography is different because there is some bold, some big and some small. This has been used to make the child's life seem mixed up and look like it is a mess.

In the rimmel London advert the modes of address are; Direct Looking straight at the camer a and relaxed and casual. This has been used to engage the audience because it is as if she is looking directly at you, where ever you go. Also she looks quite relaxed because she doesn't seem to be posing much. In the Bernado's advert again the modes of address are; Direct Looking straight at the camera and Formal Serious. This has been used to engage the audience by making the boy look straight at the camera so you can see the hope in his eyes, or the plead in his eyes.

Also this has been made to put the boys emotions forward. It is like they have done it to make you think how the boy is feeling. The Rimmel London advert and the Barnardo's advert are very similar because the writing is the same because there is a mixture on both of them and also on both posters the writing has been juxtaposed against the background because on the one the writing is black and the background is red and on the Bernardo's one the writing is white with the background being black and grey.

Also the modes of address are the same because they are both looking directly at the camera as if they are looking at the reader.

Also both of these adverts use a close up camera angle for their main image. There is a variety of symbolic and cultural codes on the advert. I think that Kate moss looks like she is wearing a black leather jacket which is used to connote rebellion. In the background there is a mixture of black and red colours, this looks like a target board, it is used to connote that she is the center of fashion and glamour.

The colour Red is a signifier and it connotes danger. This is why red has been used in the advert because it is thought to be dangerous. The uses and grafication theory can be applied to the Rimmel London advertisement. It fits the aspect of diversion because it is wanting you to feel like you can be who you are with this mascara on, it wants you to escape from everyday life and just to relax.

This product is saying that you can do these things. Personal Relationships is used in this advert because you could be like the model Kate Moss. The uses and grafication theory can be applied to the barnardos advert. It fits the aspect of diversion because this boy wants to escape from his horrid life to have a new family and a new home. Also this boy wants to be able to relax knowing that around the corner there is a family going to take him home. Using prior knowledge of media texts, the audience may see some evidence of intertextuality in the adverts.

They can be seen to drw on ideas from film posters and the films themselves. The large Capitalised typography on the Rimmel London advert reminds us of gothic cultures because it is so dark and low key lighting. In my opinion i think that it is the Same in the Barnardos advert, large typography might have been used to show how 'big' it is to him to get a loving family.

I have chosen Proposal 1 as my idea. I believe my advert has following lines appeal, Dreams and Fantasy, Childhood, this can appeal to either nataglia or to nuturing instincts. It has these lines of appeal because in my advert; we are going to be interviewing a year seven student and ask them to tell about us about about their time at disneyland and also we are going to have a child dreaming bout going to disneyland and them to be wishing for their parents to take them.

My advert will have the following factors of persuasion; Reward power and expert power. I will use these factors of persuasion because the product promises that all your childhood dreams will come true. Also we are going to use expert power because who else knows more about dreams and fantasy than a child. My advert will include a narrative. It will start with equilibrium when the parents take their to disneyland so then their childs dreams have been resolved.

It will then move onto a disruption due to the parents taking their child to disneyland but the child not knowing where they were going.

The advert will end with a resolution, when they arrive at disneyland and the child is happy because they realise their dreams have come true. The advert will have a closen ending, leaving the audience with the feeling that they need to take their child to disneyland by the advert saying "Make your childs dreams come true". The main characters in my advert is the year 7 student who gets interviewed. I have chosen to represent my characters in this way because it will show how much fun the year 7 had when they went to disneyland.

The advert will have many sounds included to support the images, these include, the start of the advert is going to have the disney theme song. The effect that this sound will have on the audience is happy and joyful and will make disneyland seem like a very happy place.

This is diegetic because the people in the advert won't be able to hear the music playing. What types of advertising do the ASA cover? How does the ASA respond to complaints? Each year, the uk public see many millions of ads, direct marketing and digital communications about products, services, charities, causes and awareness campaigns. The vast majority of these are responsible and comply with the existing advertising rules.

Give some examlpes of the codes for TV advertising;. What they do is they lay down rules about advertising and they check every advert to make sure it is suitable for the people watching them and if they think that the advert is not suitable then they will not put it on the intervals.

They also recieve complaints from viewers so they have to read them and they investegate the advert to see what the problem is and if they think it is not appropriate then they will take it off but they wont take it off if there is one complaint they will take it off if there is roughly complaints against it.

Click HERE to read the codes. The types of adverts they deal with are: Here is one of the Adverts that got banned from Television. This advert got banned because it is encouraging children to talk with their mouths full. This is one of the adverts that recieved the most complaints.

Writing is a form of media in its own right. English media coursework is more or less their regular job as it is. Media coursework can refer to radio, newspapers, books, television and many other resources in addition to the Internet. A single communications medium can be used to influence many people. Students need to be prepared to deal with the things that their gcse media coursework references so that they can become independent critical thinkers.

Buying a paper from Cousework Writing can show young students how the media should be analysed, and they can put these skills to good use in their regular lives. Most gcse media coursework needs a special touch, and the Cousework Writers can offer that touch to papers. Moreover, they are always sure to get them in on time no matter what. Students working on media coursework might not be punctual, but as media coursework completed by professionals always is. In case you used our services but do not have an account yet, please choose ' I am a new customer ' option on the order page.

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Media Studies Coursework 1 1. Media Studies Foundation Coursework This research will help me extremely with my planning and producing of my own magazine as it will help give me ideas for my magazine and help me have a base on what I should be basing my magazine on according to my genre in this care hip- hop/ grime. GCSE Media Perfume. Media studies gcse coursework help. Can't see the right help Check out the All Forums page. We have a brilliant team of more than coursework Support Media members looking doing homework in car discussions on The Student Room, helping to make it a fun, safe and useful place to hang out.. Media .